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Official r/NFL Week 0 Power Rankings

It’s that time again, nfl. 32 representatives. 32 teams. 32 rankings. The 11th Annual NFL Official Power Rankings are back! Each team ranker creates their own unique power ranking from top to bottom. All lists are then combined into one and posted here, updated on a weekly basis. Thank you to the readers, discussion starters, and supporters. Here’s Week 0’s list, 24/32 reporting. Let the arguments begin!
# Team Record Comment
1. Chiefs 12-4 The Chiefs are reigning Super Bowl champions. The sentence still feels like a fever dream even now to most Chiefs fans, but it is the current reality. Patrick Mahomes, the demi-god of Kansas City, is back with a half a billion-dollar contract and is as hungry as ever for more championships. After an offseason of Brett Veach handing out millions of dollars in extensions, the Andy Reid led Chiefs are favorites to win the whole thing again in a Covid-19 filled season. Let the high flying year commence.
2. Ravens 14-2 Ravens: Expectations are high, schedule is easy on paper, and aside from an unproven linebacker and WR corps the Ravens seem to have improved everywhere from last year. Most teams have, though, and sadly games aren't played on paper. Can Baltimore keep it up when after losing ET3 and Marshall Yanda? Will they crap the bed against the Browns early in the season again? How are the wide receivers? No idea, but this blurb is just here to serve as a welcome to the clusterfuck that is the first few weeks of the regular season.
3. 49ers 13-3 The Super Bowl Runner up 49ers enter the new year with few notable losses, hoping that roster stability will continue the team's recent success.
4. Saints 13-3 Not since Nicholas Flamel has someone come as close to alchemy as Mickey Loomis. With one of the most consistent creative coaches in Sean Payton, if Brees holds it together for one more year New Orleans is on track to be as competitive as ever.
5. Seahawks 11-5 Jadeveon wasn't here to stay, hopefully Jamal is. He'll be paired with Pete Carroll, heavily upgrading from his last coach pairing of Gase/Gregg Williams. Unlike his refusal to let Russell Wilson play a real first quarter of football, Pete is a proven defensive mind and Jamal has never had work ethic issues. It'll be tough to crab walk out of the bucket that is the NFC WEST.
6. Packers 13-3 Another year in a West Coast offense could pay dividends for Rodgers, who woke up one morning in April to see Favre's reflection staring back at him. Love could be the long term answer for the Pack, who are already one of the most happily-spoiled QB teams in history. If not, LaFleur likely will be coaching somewhere warmer.
7. Cowboys 8-8 The Cowboys overhauled their two greatest issues this off-season: Kicker and coaching staff. There were some key departures in guys like Robert Quinn, Byron Jones, and Fredbeard the Conqueror, but they at least have a plan that's good on paper to address all that. If it all works out, the sky's the limit.
8. Buccaneers 7-9 This will either be yet another example of Arians' track record with first year quarterbacks, or another ring for Tompa Brady's Gauntlet. There isn't time for anything in between.
9. Titans 9-7 The run to the AFC Championship game by the Titans was unexpected to most of the league and not reflective of where the team was to start the 2019-2020 season. After making the switch at QB to Tannehill a different Titans team emerged and finished the year with a 9-4 record after week 7. Going into 2020 the Titans have signed Tannehill and Henry to long term contracts, keeping the core offense together and made some high upside signings on defense with Clowney and Beasley to try and boost the defensive line pressure. The key, as it always is for the Titans, will be if the QB can stay healthy throughout the year. The Titans have not had 1 QB start all 16 games since 2011, when Matt Hasselbeck lead the Titans to a... 9-7 record.
10. Vikings 10-6 The Vikings had a whirlwind of an offseason, headlined by trading away Stefon Diggs, trading for Yannick Ngakoue, promoting Gary Kubiak to offensive coordinator and selecting a record 15 players in the 2020 NFL draft. With seven 2020 pro bowlers on the roster, the Vikings have the top-end talent to make some noise in the playoffs, but to get there in the first place they'll need to overcome some massive holes in the trenches and all the question marks surrounding the callow cornerbacks and receivers.
11. Bills 10-6 Without fans in the stands, Bills games will look and sound different than ever before. BillsMafia will still don their zubaz, they will still crack their Labatts, and many may still break their tables, but now from the comfort and (relative) safety of their homes. In Cheektowaga there will be driveway dizzy-bats. In Amherst fans will go through the flip-cup table they’ve erected on their lawns. And in the city proper, Bills fans will have their speakers ready to blast the Shout Song after a score, all in the hopes that Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills can deliver the city a much-needed championship. Will Allen take that final step forward and help carry this loaded roster to the promised land? Or will the Bills return to the ways of mediocrity? Either way, BillsMafia was born ready.
12. Steelers 8-8 The Steelers enter the 2020 Beer Bug season looking down the barrel of a completely loaded Ravens team. The Black and Gold find themselves very much in the underdog's position. In a preaseason of unknowns and little evidence to go on, could Pittsburgh strike WR gold again with Chase Claypool? There's quite a bit of hype there and the Steelers need people to step up and take pressure off of Smith-Schuster.
13. Patriots 12-4 Its a whole new world.
14. Eagles 9-7 The Eagles entered the off-season needing to address both their secondary and receiving corp, both of which were at or near worst in the NFL last year. Major upgrades were made across both units, and the Eagles fanbase is hopeful this year won't be a repeat of last, especially with the NFC East in dismal shape. Everything is predicated on Carson Wentz now, who needs a healthy year to detract naysayers.
15. Texans 10-6 BoB the GM continues to perplex. The Watson contract is great, and ties down the best QB the Texans have ever had for the foreseeable future. But, he traded our best WR for basically peanuts. There are all kinds of rumors swirling around about why this happened, but the end product is that the Texans are unequivocally worse off without Nuk. For all jokes about the GM/Head Coach/Imperator perpetuo of the Texans, the team is better than most give it credit for. Time will tell how big the Hopkins trade will impact the team.
16. Rams 9-7 Over the offseason, the Rams lost Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks, Aqib Talib, Dante Fowler, Cory Littleton, Clay Matthews, Greg Zuerlein, DC Wade Phillips, and ST John Fassel. They do have a shiny new stadium and amazing new logo, which should offset these losses. Super Bowl or bust. #hornsup
17. Colts 7-9 If one can possibly compartmentalize, then 2020 would offer an optimistic outlook for Colts fans. A trade for one of the best players in the league and getting whatever's left in Rivers' tank signals a move of the proverbial chips to the pot. There are so many 'if's at this point, it would be fruitless to discuss them further. We'll take this week by week in what will surely be the most surreal NFL season of all.
18. Falcons 7-9 The Falcons enter the season with a veteran loaded coaching staff, the oldest roster in the NFL, and one of the few teams without opt outs. If consistency means more in 2020's unique season, then Atlanta might have fallen backwards into the keys of success. With leadership at key positions across the board it's hard not to be hopeful.
19. Cardinals 5-10-1 Excitement and expectations are higher than they've been in quite awhile for the Cardinals. Kyler Murray will be looking to make a leap after winning rookie of the year honors and has a lot more help this season after the team magically acquired DeAndre Hopkins and managed to dump David Johnson's terrible contract at the same time. They'll get an immediate test as they face the reigning NFC champions this weekend.
20. Broncos 7-9 Uh, football? I think?
21. Raiders 7-9 Raiders fans are always optimistic at this time of year, and we are ready to be hurt once again.
22. Browns 6-10 NFL season sneaked up on us.
23. Bears 8-8 Chicago looks to bounce back from an underwhelming team defensive performance that "only" ranked fifth by PPG in 2019. Their expectations are higher than ever, as the defense also has the job of playing so well that the general populace forgets what Trubisky is capable of.
24. Chargers 5-11 Fresh off of their Hard Knocks appearance, the Chargers will feature a brand new offense with a promising rookie QB in the wings and a defense that looks to improve with new additions like Linval Joseph and CHJ. As they get set to take on Joe Burrow and the Bengals in Week 1, the biggest question looms large: How long will this season actually last? Will we actually get to answer any questions this year about the post-Rivers era Chargers?
25. Lions 3-12-1 The Detroit Lions have made a science of keeping the emotional roller coaster chugging along. From the injury plagued 2019 season with Stafford missing half the season with an injury, and Kenny Golladay still leading the NFL in TD's... to signing AD and Stafford vowing for an MVP race. If the Lions can avoid injury, there's reason to believe in a playoff appearance and even a win. One thing is certain, the offense is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
26. Dolphins 5-11 There's high hopes floating around the Dolphins as they enter year 2 of a multi-year rebuild. Will those hopes come tumbling down as they often do, or will Flores unleash Fitzmagic and show some improvement in a squad that vastly outperformed what people thought of them last year.
27. Giants 4-12 It can be a slippery slope trying to emulate Bill Belichick. Rookie HC Joe Judge, though, seems to have taken command of this Giants team while still having fun and caring about the players. While nothing earns fan adoration quite like winning football games, most Giants fan would agree this year that seeing second-year passer Danny Dimes take strides forward is enough to get excited about. The G-Men face a tough schedule all year, but week 1 may prove to be especially daunting. The Steelers were a defensive monster in 2019 that dragged Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges kicking and screaming to an 8-8 record. With Big Ben back at the helm, Monday night will prove to be a serious challenge for a Giants team with new faces on both sides of the ball.
28. Jets 7-9 Sending Jamal Adams to Seattle is a big emotional blow for Jets fans, but the price can't be ignored and certainly puts the team in position to put young talent around Sam Darnold. As long as he can keep his tongue in his mouth, Darnold should have an opportunity to prove a lot about the Jets future in 2020.
29. Panthers 5-11 The odds are stacked against Carolina, especially with first year NFL coach Matt Rhule coming from the NCAA. Stranger things have happened in the NFC South, and for better or for worse, starting QB Teddy Bridgewater could be the deciding factor.
30. Bengals 2-14 The Bengals may start the season near the bottom of most power rankings, but where they finish will depend on how league ready Joe Burrow is. By most accounts he has been very sharp in practice, but without a proper pre-season we won't really know how ready he is until the games start. But for now, optimism is very high in Cincinnati.
31. Washington FT 3-13 After a smooth and mostly quiet off-season with very little fuss or drama, The Red- I mean Football Team will finally take the field. With a new coach, Head Coach having named their starting quarterback, Quarterback and their number two draft choice, Defensive End we’re ready to see what Football Team looks like.
32. Jaguars 6-10 During the offseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars made so many moves, this blurbist was unable to keep up with all of the roster changes. At the very least, there's only 12 players left from the nearly Super Bowl squad. This might be rough.
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NFL Week 1 Predictions Thread (2020 Season)

Hello and welcome all you crazy football fans! Another year, another set of prediction threads coming your way. This year is promising to be insanely different than what we're used to, due to the whole COVID situation, so please bear with anyone making predictions as this is entirely new territory. Week 1 is always the most annoying because there's not much to go off of for each team, especially this season with no preseason games. But we'll work with what we got. This week, I'm using a combination of multiple reports because there was no preseason games to watch to go off for personal commentary. Week 2 comments should look much more laid back. Let's get to it!
Winner Loser Comments
Chiefs over Texans The first game of the season is the AFC game of the week. With Houston losing DeAndre Hopkins offensively and having a few more defensive issues, it is expected to slide from true AFC title contention. KC avoided a free-agent exodus and took care of both Patrick Mahomes and Chris Jones. There will be extra energy in Arrowhead (even without the typical crowd noise) with the Chiefs as Super Bowl champions and eager to repeat.
Seahawks over Falcons The Seahawks, usually have no issues under Carroll on these kind of cross-country trips, especially in Week 1 with no games before it. Wilson should pick apart former Dan Quinn's defensive unit, leaving Matt Ryan under duress in a pass-happy scheme against a secondary ready to make big plays on the ball.
Bills over Jets The Jets keep doing weird things with Adam Gase in control. Their defense seems more depleted and their offense seems to have the same old questions. There's not much buzz about Sam Darnold. The Bills have heard plenty around Josh Allen, who now can also throw to Diggs. Their defense remains solid for Sean McDermott minus Star Lotulelei and Jordan Phillips. They are the returning playoff team. The Jets are the returning mess of a team.
Lions over Bears The Bears have had a heated but uninspiring quarterback competition between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles to be the Week 1 starter. The Lions will be getting Matthew Stafford back fully healthy from the back injury that removed the second half of his career-best season. They will have an improved running game with line upgrades and rookie D'Andre Swift to ease Stafford's burden. Chicago has its defense but there's not much else to trust as Detroit also should be a little better on that side than it was last season.
Vikings over Packers The Packers won the division with a strong first season with Matt LaFleur. The Vikings weren't far behind, as they also embraced a more quarterback-supportive approach with their running game and defense. The Packers didn't upgrade at wide receiver and the Vikings traded Stefon Diggs. Even with considerable change, the Vikings are a bit tighter defensively than the Packers and will dig deep with ball control to take the early division lead.
Patriots over Dolphins The Dolphins are sticking with Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Patriots are going with Cam Newton to replace Brady. With some QB questions, the running games, defenses and coaching will need to be the deciding factors. Bill Belichick has lost a lot. But New England is in better position to grind this out. Slow and steady does it for the Patriots in their first game in a long time without Brady.
Eagles over Washington Philly isn't getting enough love after further upgrading its defense with Javon Hargrave and Darius Slay. Meanwhile, Ron Rivera is trying to clean up a mess as the new coach of the Washington Football Team. Dwayne Haskins and Chase Young should show promise as the season progresses, but for now, this is a rebuilding team getting used to new offensive and defensive schemes. The short division road trip hasn't been a problem for the Eagles in the past and they are Super Bowl contenders in contrast to Washington being in play for the league's worst record.
Raiders over Panthers Viva the Las Vegas Raiders. They are excited about their new identity and finished the final season in Oakland on the brink of the playoffs. Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have upgraded wide receiver and tight end for Derek Carr, and the defense has two major additions at linebacker in Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkoski. The new-look Panthers are a very team with Rivera, Newton, Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen and others gone, now led by Matt Rhule and Teddy Bridgewater. This is a tricky opening trip for the Raiders, but they are the better overall team with more known quantities, including Josh Jacobs.
Colts over Jaguars The Colts got Rivers to replace Jacoby Brissett in an attempt to better replace Andrew Luck passing-wise. But they are still a strong run-heavy team now with special rookie back Jonathan Taylor in the mix behind a mighty line. Another rookie, Michael Pittman Jr., is a key boost to the receiving corps. Indianapolis also is stronger in the defensive front seven with DeForest Buckner as the anchor. Jacksonville is rolling with more of Gardner Minshew, but the offense is in flux around him and the defense continues to lose more luster.
Ravens over Browns The Ravens got stronger offensively around Lamar Jackson with rookie back J.K. Dobbins and younger receivers. The Browns figure to be balanced and explosive for Baker Mayfield and have real rebound playoff promise under new coach Kevin Stefanski. Baltimore is bound to start faster out of the gate while Cleveland works on finding its more grounded footing.
Bengals over Chargers Joe Burrow isn't used to losing or playing poorly. He also will be ready to go in Week 1 as Cincinnati's unquestioned starter and can immediately bring his new offense to life with a better line, healthier receiving corps and deep backfield. This is a long road trip for AFC's L.A. team and its first game in a long time without Philip Rivers will have mixed results with Tyrod Taylor and the defense. Burrow provides a hint of what's to come by helping the Bengals steal this one late.
Saints over Buccaneers Drew Brees and Tom Brady meet right away as new NFC South rivals after interesting offseasons for both venerable future Hall of Fame all-time greats. Brees might be starting his last season and wants to prove he still has it as a leader and passer after an injury-marred 2019. Brady will have a chip on his shoulder in trying to show New England made a mistake in letting him get to Tampa Bay. That should lead to a high-scoring duel as expected in the Superdome with both QBs deploying their myriad weapons for big plays. The Saints have the comfort of home, a tough place for visitors even without fans. They also are a little more established as a division power with the more reliable all-around defense.
49ers over Cardinals The Cardinals have some great vibes with Kyler Murray getting help from Hopkins and Chander Jones getting help from Isaiah Simmons. Kliff Kingsbury is a young offensive-minded coach to watch the way Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan once were in the division. They gave the 49ers two close, high-scoring games last season. But Jimmy Garopoolo and San Francisco remain strong and won't let down in their first game at home after losing the Super Bowl. The 49ers are hurting at wide receiver to start and the defense will need to adjust without Buckner, but they can still get it done here with their running game and greater depth of playmakers on both sides.
Cowboys over Rams Dak Prescott doesn't have his long-term contract, but he will still be focused and motivated to have another big year with an extra elite weapon in rookie wideout CeeDee Lamb. Mike McCarthy will leave a strong first impression with his offense and defense pumped for the new coach. McVay saw his team further gutted talent-wise and Prescott will easily outduel Jared Goff as Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey can do only so much against Dallas.
Steelers over Giants This is a rough season for the Giants schedule-wise. They face an elite defense at home right away in the Monday night opener and an offense that will go back to work with a healthy Ben Roethlisberger. Daniel Jones will take lumps against Pittsburgh's pass rush after Saquon Barkley is contained, as T.J. Watt leads the charge against rookie tackle Andrew Thomas without Nate Solder to help. The Steelers also should wake up plenty in the passing game with Juju Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson, James Washington and Chase Claypool.
Broncos over Titans The Titans had their chance at the Chiefs and getting to the Super Bowl instead of the eventual champions. They remain in their run-heavy identity to set up the downfield passing game, now with Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill both getting their lucrative long-term contracts. The Broncos, however, are a buzzworthy team because of Vic Fangio getting more out of Von Miller and the defense in Year 2 and Pat Shurmur ready to help Drew Lock make a solid jump with Melvin Gordon, Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler all adding to the weaponry. Denver matches that early vibe while Tennessee starts experiencing the expected letdown.
Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck and welcome back!
Update: 8-8, pretty bad start, but I'll take it considering we had not preseason to go off of.
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Offseason Review Series: Jacksonville Jaguars

Before anything, I just want to preface by saying that I am filling in some huge shoes by following the legendary u/JaguarGator9. I am NOT a typical writer nor do I have any experience in analysis, I just wanted to take a stab at analyzing and writing about my favorite team that has been terrorizing my happiness for 15+ years. So, apologies in advance if there are some incorrect points made.
Also gotta give a shoutout to u/PlatypusOfDeath for continuing to run this series and for the formatting help! Also a thanks to u/flounder19 for directing me towards the thread where half of the info comes from and my bro u/MikeFanto4 for giving me the positive reinforcement through the writing of this. With that being said, hope y'all enjoy!

Jacksonville Jaguars


2019 Record: 6-10 (4th in Division)

Coaching Changes


Tom Coughlin – VP of Football Operations/Dictator: This will be discussed in the news section. Please hold.
Jon DeFilippo – Offensive Coordinator: It never really occurred to me until recently (give me a break Jags fans), that the firing of Flip was most likely directly related to Foles (even more so once he got hired by Chicago as QB coach). Once Foles was gone, Flip wanted out and they ultimately “mutually agreed to part ways”. While according to fans it would’ve been nice to see the other coordinator go, it shows that the front office “admitted” their mistake and decided to move on from the experiment.
Scott Milanovich – QB Coach: Milanovich took a job as the HC of the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL. Before his 3-year stint in Jacksonville, he was the HC of the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL where he won the Grey Cup in 2012 and was also named Coach of the Year.


Jay Gruden – Offensive Coordinator – The once HC of the Washington Football Team, Gruden comes into the organization bringing experience in molding younger quarterbacks. A big help is the fact that GM Dave Caldwell brought in a few players familiar with his scheme to assist in adjusting the other players to the playbook. Of all the OC candidates, Gruden is best fit for Minshew’s playstyle due to his West Coast Offense.
Ben McAdoo – Quarterbacks Coach: Brought in to replace Milanovich, McAdoo also brings HC experience to the team. Even though his time in the Giants organization is best left to be forgotten, his experience as an OC and QB coach makes him a prime candidate. He spent two seasons in Green Bay working with Aaron Rodgers and also helped the Giants to the 6th best scoring offense in the NFL in 2015.
Denard Robinson – Offensive Quality Control Coach: Not really a huge hire, but a nice reunion. Former QB turned RB, Denard “Shoelace” Robinson, continues his time in Duval as an assistant. He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2013 draft as an “Offensive Weapon” but played primarily at RB during his time as a player.

Free Agency/Trades

Players Lost/Traded

Player Position New Team Compensation
Nick Foles QB Bears Compensatory 4th round draft pick
Calais Campbell DE Ravens 5th round pick
A.J. Bouye CB Broncos 4th round pick
Marcell Dareus DT Free Agent
Marqise Lee WR Patriots 1 yr / $1,047,500
Jake Ryan ILB Free Agent
Cedric Ogbuehi RT Seahawks 1 yr / $2,300,000

Key Losses:

Nick Foles: After signing him to a MASSIVE 4-year contract worth $88 million, with $51 million guaranteed, the Jaguars thought they had their man in Super Bowl MVP Big Dick Nick. However, that did not live long since Foles broke his left clavicle during a 35-yard touchdown pass to DJ Chark. Once he was replaced by Bomb-Chuckin’ and Mom-Fuckin’ Gardner Minshew II, he was basically left as an afterthought in the Jaguars fanbase…..until the bye week. He was named the starter for the rest of the season and was severely disappointing in his limited time as it, thus resulting in him being benched after 3 games. In his time as a starter, he completed 77 passes for a completion percentage of 65.8%, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, with a passer rating of 84.6. He was largely disappointing in his time here but left the door open for Minshew Mania. Foles was traded to the Bears for a 2020 Compensatory 4th round pick AND took parts of his massive contract and helped us start the return from cap hell. D+ for his play, B for the trade return.
Calais Campbell: I’m like, really upset about this one. I remember exactly where I was when I found out that this glorious human was traded to the Baltimore Ravens for a 5th round pick. Chump change for the 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year award recipient. After being signed to a 4-year deal worth $60 million with $30 million guaranteed in 2017, the man proceeded to become the Mayor of the Defensive Line Formerly Known as Sacksonville. Amassing 31.5 sacks, 77 QB hits and 44 TFL in his 3 years on the team; not only was he a force on the field, he was very much involved in the Phoenix and Jacksonville communities. In 2019, Campbell won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award – given to the NFL player that best demonstrates outstanding community service and excellence on the field. His charity, CRC Foundation, has been helping young people with critical life skills since 2009. Adding to that, he has also hosted many holiday shopping sprees, the JaxPAL Youth Football and STEM Camp and has spent countless hours speaking encouragement to children in area schools. The fact that the Jaguars let him go for a 2020 5th round pick says a lot about what the teams feels about their cap situation. A for play, D- for trade return.
A.J. Bouye: Bouye was signed in 2017 as a free agent from Houston. His final season on the Texans is what attracted the Jaguars the most, landing him a 5-year contract worth $67.5 million with $26 million guaranteed. In his time with the team, he accrued 8 interceptions, 34 passes defended, and allowed just a 64.4 completion percentage when thrown to since 2018. 2017 was by far his best season opposite Jalen Ramsey in which they formed one of the most feared duos that year. He saw significant drop off in the 2 years to follow, leading to the team wanting to move in a different direction. He was traded to the Denver Broncos for a 2020 4th round pick and saving over $11 million from his remaining contract. B for play, C+ for trade return.
Marcell Dareus: Dareus was traded from the Bills to the Jaguars mid-season 2017 for a 2018 6th round pick to help solidify the lone run-defense weakness in what was a near impeccable defense. Although his stats don’t show it, (2.5 sacks, 45 combined tackles, 4 TFL and 5 QB hits) when healthy, he was a stud in the run game. The Jaguars ultimately decided not to pick up his 2020-year option and he remains a free agent. A team struggling in the run game could pick him up for cheap and I’m not 100% sure why he hasn’t been signed by a team yet. Dave Caldwell has said he is open to bringing him back on a separate deal, but hasn't acted on it yet. C

Players Signed

Player Position Old Team Length Salary
Tyler Eifert TE Bengals 2 years $9,500,000
Joe Schobert ILB Browns 5 years $53,750,000
Chris Thompson RB The Washington Football Team 1 year $1,400,000
Al Woods DT Seahawks 1 year $2,500,000
Rashaan Melvin CB Lions 1 year $1,750,000
Mike Glennon QB Raiders 1 year $1,187,500
Rodney Gunter DE Cardinals 3 years $18,000,000
Aaron Lynch OLB Bears 1 year $1,100,000
Cassius Marsh DE Cardinals 1 year $1,047,500
Lerentee McCray OLB Jaguars 1 year $1,047,500
Tyler Shatley C Jaguars 1 year $1,512,500
Keelan Cole WR Jaguars 1 year $3,259,000
Brian Price DT Jaguars 2 year $1,815,000
Yannick Ngakoue DE Jaguars 1 year TAG $17,788,000
Source: Spotrac.com
Tyler Eifert: Going into the offseason, the biggest hole in an already lackluster offense was the Tight End position. The Jaguars drafted Josh Oliver in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft to help with that, but he went down with a hamstring injury in the preseason and a back injury during the regular season which limited him to 3 games. James O’Shaughnessy was one of Minshew’s favorite targets but went down with an ACL injury early on as well. Tyler Eifert comes in already familiar with Jay Gruden’s offense. The Jaguars are taking a risk in signing Eifert if they expect him to play even close to his 2015 production (52 catches for 615 yards and 13 touchdowns). However, if he stays healthy and can play even half as good, that’s a massive upgrade over what our Tight End group has produced over the past 5+ years. A 2-year contract worth $9.5 million filled with incentives should give Eifert the motivation to stay healthy and contribute immediately. But if he doesn’t produce as expected, the team should be able to release him with little cap hit. C+
Joe Schobert: Schobert from the Cleveland Browns could be considered the teams’ “marquee” free agent, signing a 5-year, $53.75 million contract with $21.5 million guaranteed. He comes into a linebacker corps that hasn’t had a true MLB since Posluszny retired. This addition allows Myles Jack to move to weak side and gives the opportunity for competition at strong side. Schobert gives the Jaguars a leadership type figure in an already incredibly young defense. Since Telvin Smith retired and decided to be stupid (more on that later on) and Poz choosing to hang up the cleats as well, there hasn’t been someone that could command the defense; Jack tried previously but had probably his worst year to date. Schobert solidifying the middle also gives Jack the opportunity to use his athleticism on the outside. Schobert is top 10 in pass coverage, but still needs to improve in the run game (which is something the team has struggled in for years). I feel like this is a boom-or-bust signing, but am cautiously optimistic. B+
Chris Thompson: Leonard Fournette is still this team’s workhorse back. Rumors started spreading that he would be traded prior to the draft, which ultimately fell flat. Just because the Jags are going to rely on Fournette even more, doesn’t mean that Minshew doesn’t need as many weapons as possible. This is another signing that works well with Gruden’s offense since he had played for him in Washington. This also gives Minshew another weapon out of the backfield. On the other hand, this is another signing that is based solely on whether he can stay healthy or not. A one year, prove-it deal worth $1.4 million is smart on the teams end because when healthy, Thompson can still have the capability to make plays. B
Rodney Gunter: A Calais Campbell clone? Probably not, but a man can dream right? The DE from Arizona signed a 3-year deal worth $18 million to pretty much help rotate through his old position, though. He hasn’t really shown much as a pass rusher (11 sacks in 5 years) but will probably be a rotational piece mostly used in run downs. C
Rashaan Melvin: With the departure of Bouye, the team looked thin at the position prior to the draft. The Jags also hit a homerun with their previous CB signing from Detroit, DJ Hayden. Melvin comes in on another one-year deal to compete with last years UDFA surprise, Tre Herndon for the CB2 spot opposite CJ Henderson. In his 4 years with Detroit, Oakland and Indianapolis, he posted 4 INT and 41 Passes Defended and 2 FF. This puts some competition in camp (if there is one) with experience vs. potential. B-
Al Woods: Caldwell goes in again on defense and signs the large run-stuffer from Seattle on a 1-year, $2.5 million deal. The loss of Marcel Dareus put a large hole in the already weak run defense and Woods helps plug it back in with a decent resume stuffing the middle. This gives the Jags a nice rotation between him, Abry Jones and Davon Hamilton. B EDIT: As of posting this, Al Woods has opted out of the 2020 season.


After trading away Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye and Nick Foles, the Jaguars ended up with a total of 12 draft picks (most in franchise history).
Round Number Player Position School
1 9 (9) CJ Henderson CB Florida
1 20 (20) from Rams K’Lavon Chaisson DE/LB LSU
2 10 (42) Laviska Shenault Jr. WR Colorado
3 9 (73) DaVon Hamilton DT Ohio State
4 10 (116) Ben Bartch OL St. Johns (Minn.)
4 31 (137) from Broncos Josiah Scott CB Michigan State
4 34 (140) from Bears Shaquille Quarterman LB Miami
5 12 (157) from Ravens Daniel Thomas S Auburn
5 20 (165) from Rams (Fowler trade) Collin Johnson WR Texas
6 10 (189) Jake Luton QB Oregon State
6 27 (206) Tyler Davis TE Georgia Tech
7 9 (223) Chris Claybrooks CB/Return Specialist Memphis


C.J. Henderson: There was a lot of speculation as to who Caldwell was going to draft with the first of 2 first round picks. Was it going to be an OL? WR? QB?(for some reason). Dave ultimately went with the heir to the Ramsey throne. Gone are the days of back injuries and in are the days of another Florida school product. This man is 6-foot 204lb and is extremely good in coverage, which is something that the team needs in replacement of Ramsey. One glaring weakness in his game is his tackling, which seems like there is some hesitation and looks to often miss open field tackles. He immediately fills the CB1 role that was previously held by surprise UDFA Tre Herndon. B
K’Lavon Chaisson: Alright, I’ll address the elephant on the team now. Yannick Ngakoue is not playing another down for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I was a believer that they could strike a long-term deal and keep the talented pass rusher but NOOOOO, he just had to beef with the owner’s son and ruin any chance, but I digress. The first of the Rams 1st round picks from the Jalen Ramsey trade yields the replacement for the other man who really wants out. The LSU product brings an incredible motor and raw talent. He has all the physical tools you could need in a DE/LB at 6’3” and 254lbs but has a high ceiling if he works on his technique. A line edged by Josh Allen and K’Lavon Chaisson sounds relentless to me. A-
Laviska Shenault Jr.: There was plenty of WR talent deep in this draft class and I feel like the Jags found a secret weapon in the Colorado prospect. Despite dealing with numerous injuries and not the best quarterback play, he was still able to produce over 2000 scrimmage yards through his SO and JR seasons. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be able to line up all over the field. Gruden will be able to set him up at WR, RB and even Wildcat QB if he’s feeling frisky. At 6-2 220LB, Minshew has versatile target that has the chance to produce really well if he can stay healthy. B+
DaVon Hamilton: The 6-4, 320lb DT was a wall in the center of the Buckeye line. He amassed 6 sacks, 28 tackles (9.5 for a loss) with 1 forced fumble in his redshirt senior season. Hamilton was drafted to help shore up the middle once held up by Dareus, but also now partially manned by Al Woods. His specialty is in the run game, which is something the Jags desperately need. B
Ben Bartch: The Smoothie King comes to Duval. Everyone knows the story of Bartch’s insane smoothie recipe that helped him gain 86lbs. Coming out of DIII St. John’s in Minnesota, he dominated competition enough to earn him a spot at the Senior Bowl. Even though he doesn’t have much experience against NFL caliber competition, Bartch has the tools necessary to grow in the league and become a serviceable backup or eventually challenge current starting RG, AJ Cann. B-
Josiah Scott: On the smaller end of the spectrum (5’9”, 185lbs), Scott has had to overcome his size with speed and knowledge. He’s too small to be anything more than a slot corner; but he can be great depth behind DJ Hayden and helpful in the run game. The Jags lost a lot in the CB department, so I understand the depth pick. C+
Shaquille Quarterman: Quarterman was a 4-year starter and a captain while at Miami. Caldwell really wanted to shore up the run defense this offense and this pick doesn’t stray away from that narrative. He may not be the best in the pass game since he has limited speed, but on running downs he could be very helpful and a leader in the locker room. B
Daniel Thomas: I’m actually a fan of this pick solely for depth purposes. The best backup safety on the team is Andrew Wingard, so any help at the position is good. In his time at Auburn, he notched 5 interceptions, 199 total tackles and forced 3 fumbles. B
Collin Johnson: I feel like Johnson will be an asset in the red zone. His large stature at 6’6”, 220lbs+ will be great for jump-balls. The Jags receiving corp. has almost every kind of receiver you would need except for a big bodied guy to get up after 50/50 balls. While I’m not happy it took Dave this long to get more help for Minshew besides Shenault, this isn’t the worst consolation prize. C+
Jake Luton: Caldwell has had a history of selecting a QB in the 6th round. So, I’m not surprised by this pick. But the question is: will he be another Minshew, or a Tanner Lee? The Oregon State Beaver threw for 42 touchdowns to 11 interception in 3 years there. My money is on him being a camp body or not making the roster at all. D
Tyler Davis: Davis started his career at UConn as a Quarterback but switched to WR as a sophomore and ended up a TE before transferring to Georgia Tech as a TE. His receiving stats leave a lot to be desired but has some strength in run-blocking. In an already crowded position group, he’ll have to really show off to make the final roster. D+
Chris Claybrooks: Caldwell and Marrone both agreed that Claybrooks was drafted for returning purposes. Supposedly running a 4.25s 40 in a video sent to every NFL team, he has the speed to make a difference on special teams. In his time returning kicks at Memphis, he returned 11 for 338 yards for an average of 30.7 – a much higher average than the 24.2 yds/rt the Jaguars did in 2019. B+


Luq Barcoo, CB, San Diego State; Doug Costin, DT, Miami (OH); Nathan Cottrell, RB, Georgia Tech; Ben Ellefson, TE, North Dakota State; Nate Evans, LB, Central Florida; Tavien Feaster, RB, South Carolina; Josh Hammond, WR, Florida; Amari Henderson, CB, Wake Forest; Ross Matiscik, LS, Baylor; Steven Nielson, OL, Ohio; J.R. Reed, S, Georgia; James Robinson, RB, Illinois State; Marvelle Ross, WR, Notre Dame College; Connor Slomka, FB, Army; Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms, OL, Missouri; Kobe Williams, CB, Arizona State; Brandon Wright, K, Georgia State.

Other Offseason News that Affected the Team

Oh my word…..there was so much that happened. I wish I had enough time to go into full detail on everything, but new job has my time extremely limited. I’ll unfortunately have to stick with short synopses on these.
Tom Coughlin Fired
The Tom Coughlin era 2.0 is finally over. The Jaguars have had enough of his dictatorship and days after the NFLPA sent a warning letter to players to stay away, they relieved him of his duties. A few of the grievances included:
  • Fining Dante Fowler Jr. $700k for not rehabbing in Jacksonville
  • Nearly forcing Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith to participate in voluntary workouts
  • Fining Fournette for sitting while inactive during the 2018 finale
But wait! There’s more! Not only did he have a number of grievances filed against him, he:
  • Gave Blake Bortles a deal averaging $18m a year, only to be released
  • Signed Nick Foles to a deal worth $88m, and wouldn’t let it go when it was proven he wasn’t the guy
  • Other general day-to-day nuances that make him an overall unlikable person
Now that he’s gone, the clocks have gone back to normal time and hopefully the morale of the team improves greatly. This is also a final chance for Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell to show that a major factor in the teams lack of recent success can be directly attributed to the Tom Coughlin culture.
Telvin Smith arrested
Oooooh boy……what to say about this one. Former 5th round pick out of Florida State turned top MLB in the NFL arrested and charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor. He retired in 2019 stating that he needed to focus on his family and health. Smith first met the girl in the summer of 2019, recently after she turned 17; and in their 2-month time together, they had sex multiple times in Smith’s car and home. Adding onto that, Smith offered the underage girl $200 to keep quiet, $100 of which she ultimately took. He was released on $50,003 bond. DON’T.FUCK.KIDS.OR.TEENS.PEOPLE.
Yannick Ngakoue
I don’t really know where to start this since so much has happened. Yannick Ngakoue is trying to pull a Jalen Ramsey and tweet himself out of Duval County. Ngakoue has been (and still is) very open about his displeasure towards the organization. Since late 2019, he has tweeted numerous times about wanting to be traded, even calling out Tony Khan (son of owner Shahid Khan) on the site. The team franchise tagged him and tried shopping around. Their asking price was a MINIMUM of a first round pick, but the Twitter tirade ruined basically any chance of that return. There was an offer that included a Pro Bowl player recently, which was declined since the player “didn’t fit their system”. People are split between whether he plays if he doesn’t get traded or sitting out the season, which I guess we’ll see once (if) the season commences.
No 5th year option for Fournette
Just like Ngakoue, the former 4th overall picks’ relationship with the front office has not been the most ideal. He was one of the many players that filed a grievance against the team for the fine for sitting on the bench in 2018 while inactive, which he got back. The Jaguars decided not to pick up his 5th year option, which would’ve netted Fournette $8.43 million. This means that, unless an extension is made, he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2021. The team will most likely not extend him beyond this season since they were even trying to get rid of him this offseason. They had discussions with teams about moving him, but no deal was done. Caldwell ultimately decided that Fournette will stick around and be the RB1 for the 2020 season but has not made any mention of beyond that. This is a contract year for him, and he wants to prove that he was worth the 4th overall selection.
As most of you may know, the Jacksonville Jaguars have another name: The London Jaguars
But in all seriousness, it’s been seeming to the general public that the team will move to London; especially after this year when Khan moved a second home game to Wembley Stadium. The reasoning behind the move is to increase local revenue. The front office believed that the reasoning behind the low revenue was the local market, not the product on the field. No one, not a single fan took this piece of news positively. It seemed like it was doomed from the start, something that could only be slowed down by say a…..pandemic? (un)Luckily so, one such pandemic happened. Creating an international travel restriction and preventing any NFL teams from playing in London. When the season does start, the home games, which would’ve been vs. the Lions and Browns in non-consecutive weeks, will actually be played at home. In other COVID news, former Jaguar great Tony Boselli contracted the Coronavirus and was admitted to the ICU for five days. Things got so bad that he was hooked up to two IVs and needed oxygen to help his breathing. Luckily, he was able to recover mostly and was released on March 30.

Projected Starting Lineup with Camp Battles

Positions won in a camp battle italicized
QB- Gardner Minshew: This is Gardner Minshew’s team in 2020. After a promising rookie season, added weapons and a more workable scheme, Minshew should solidify himself as the quarterback of the future - given he slows down on the turnovers.
RB- Leonard Fournette: In a contract year after his 5th year option was declined, he will be running with a chip on his shoulder. The team looks to run him as much as possible before he leaves.
TE- Tyler Eifert, James O’Shaughnessy: Free agent signing Eifert will fill the starting role as long as he is healthy. I think O’Shaughnessy beats out Josh Oliver for the TE2 spot due to last years chemistry with Minshew.
WR- D.J. Chark Jr., Dede Westbrook, Chris Conley, Laviska Shenault Jr.: This group is easily the strength of this offense. Chark looks to build on a really nice 2019 season, Westbrook and Conley weren’t bad as WR2 and 3, but they weren’t spectacular either. I added Shenault as well because he will be put in at a bunch of different positions.
LT- Cam Robinson: Robinson battled through an ACL injury in 2018 which basically sent his development back over a year. He’s been inconsistent in his time playing, playing well during some games but slacking big time in others.
LG- Andrew Norwell: The coaching staff is still sticking by the second highest paid guard in the NFL, even though he hasn’t been playing like it at all. He missed time in 2018 with a foot injury and has been battling through that since. But ultimately needs to play even remotely like the former 1st team all-pro in order to provide some return on his contract. He has been arguably the worst lineman on an already weak line.
C- Brandon Linder: One of the more underrated lineman in the league. Linder has been a consistent leader on the offense since being drafted in the 3rd round in 2014.
RG- A.J. Cann: Cann is just one of those guys where you kinda forget about him until he has a terrible game and then you remember that he’s actually not good. I’m considering this one a battle because I feel like rookie Bartch can snag a start or two during the season.
RT- Jawaan Taylor: After dropping to the Jags in the second round of last years’ draft, Taylor has lived up to expectations. While having the typical rookie growing pains, he was extremely solid playing against pro-level talent.
DL- Josh Allen, Abry Jones, Taven Bryan/Rodney Gunter, K’Lavon Chaisson: A group that is primed to surprise people. The Good Josh Allen is already a forced to be reckoned with, Abry Jones is a solid piece with some rotational help, Taven Bryan is only getting better at the run while Gunter will help with the pass rush. Finally, 1st round pick K’Lavon Chaisson comes in with an incredible motor to help with the loss of Ngakoue.
LB- Myles Jack, Joe Schobert, Quincy Williams: Myles Jack is on his 3rd position, so hopefully this will unlock his full athletic potential. Schobert will command the defense up the middle and drop into coverage. Quincy did not play well last year as a rookie. I hope he is able to progress this season or we might be in trouble there.
CB- C.J. Henderson, Rashaan Melvin, D.J. Hayden: 9th overall pick Henderson gets the start at the CB1 position. Melvin and Tre Herndon are going to be battling for the CB2 spot, but I give the nod to Melvin solely because he has more experience. D.J. Hayden is another underrated player in the NFL and is quietly one of the top Nickel corners.
S- Ronnie Harrison, Jarrod Wilson: Ronnie Harrison has been really coming into his own over the past season and will only get better. Jarrod Wilson played fairly well in 2019 and was exercised his option during the offseason.
K- Josh Lambo: Lambo is one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL today. Hitting over 94% of his kicks since coming to Jacksonville (while also leading the NFL in 2019 with 97.1% FG made).
P- Logan Cooke: Cooke is top 10 in yards/punt and has no need to worry about losing his job.
KR- Chris Claybrooks: The 7th rounder from Memphis was drafted specifically to return kicks, hopefully he brings the spark that the team desperately needs on ST.
PR- Dede Westbrook: Westbrook was 14th in the NFL in punt returns, he hasn’t been great in the field, but he also hasn’t been terrible.

Schedule Predictions

Week 1: IND (L) – Philip Rivers has had our number over the years (7-2, 24 touchdowns to 5 interceptions); and a team that’s a QB shy from competing now has the Jaguars literal kryptonite. I have my faith in the young defense, but Rivers will probably have a field day. 0-1
Week 2: @TEN (W) – Huh, no annual TNF Titans-Jaguars trash bowl? 2020 is really a weird year and I don’t like it. Here’s hoping that at least one trend sort of-continues: a split in games. The Jags revamped run defense slows down Derrick Henry for a game and CJ Henderson gets his first career pick off of Tannehill. Minshew is going to be the deciding factor in this game. 1-1
Week 3: MIA (W) – If it’s Fitzpatrick, it’s a loss. But I believe Tua takes the job early in the season(maybe?) and has his typical rookie growing pains. One of which is losing to a bad team that you shouldn’t lose to. 2-1
Week 4: @CIN (W) – Just like Tua, Burrow is set to have his growing pains. But this isn’t one of those games. The first overall pick goes into a shootout with The Man, The Myth, The Legend but comes up short due to a questionable play call in the final seconds. 3-1
Week 5: @HOU (L) – Even though Houston no longer has DeAndre Hopkins, Deshaun Watson is still able to work through the Jags D to come up with the win. 3-2
Week 6: DET (L) – Matthew Stafford has a really good week and Jeff Okudah outmatches his top 10 counterpart in another close game that comes down to game management experience. 3-3
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: @LAC (W) – Even though Jacksonville isn’t typically good on the west coast, they’re facing a team manned either by Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert. If they’re facing the latter (I’m sticking with a first round rookie start), then they’ll pull off a win they shouldn’t have. 4-3
Week 9: HOU (L) - Just like week 5, Watson goes off again while Brandon Cooks has 150+ yards receiving. Minshew attempts a 4th quarter comeback and brings it close, but ultimately falls short. 4-4
Week 10: @GB (L) - Aaron Rodgers is obviously unhappy with the drafting of Jordan Love and is on a mission to prove that he’s still got it in the league. Even though the rest of the roster is lacking pieces, you can never count out Rodgers. Especially when it’s against lower competition. 4-5
Week 11: PIT (L) – I feel like this could be the start (or continuation) of a decent non-divisional/former divisional rivalry. Big Ben is back and has a good back in James Conner. Besides JuJu Smith-Schuster and Eric Ebron, there isn’t anyone that inflicts fear in secondaries. This game could go either way, but I’m giving the nod to Pittsburgh in a close match. Their defense has enough to slow down our offense, but our defense lacks the “star-power” against their offense to really make up for it. 4-6
Week 12: @CLE (L) – Chubb is good, Beckham is good, Landry is good, Hooper is good. Unfortunately I don’t see us being close in this one. 4-7
Week 13: @MIN (L) – Minnesota, at this point, is looking towards the postseason and will not hold back. Thielen and Cook will carry their offense to 3 touchdowns while the Jags offense falls flat this week. 4-8
Week 14: TEN (L) – The split game. Again….WHY NO TNF?! The Jaguars come into the game tired and eliminated, while the Tacks come into the contest nearing a berth and are hungry for a win. Derrick Henry is Derrick Henry and just runs train. 4-9
Week 15: @BAL (L) - I may be biased but I’m not delusional. 4-10
Week 16: CHI (W) – I’m basing this off my prediction that Foles will outplay Trubisky and stays healthy. Foles plays better than Trubisky, but that’s not saying much. Henderson is able to keep Allen Robinson at bay; and while Khalil Mack will be effective, his impact will be kept to a best-case scenario. 5-10
Week 17: IND (W) – Indianapolis already clinched a playoff spot and is resting their starters for their inevitable 1st round elimination. So, the Jags will win in semi-convincing fashion against a team starting backups. 6-10
Final Record: 6-10. I genuinely believe this team has improved overall despite the major losses throughout the defense. There are going to be a lot of close games, especially if more players opt-out of the season. I feel like many of these games could steer in either direction. Besides Baltimore, Minnesota, Houston and Green Bay, of course. The ceiling of this team could push .500, but the floor could really bottom out at 1 or 2 wins. This team is extremely young and still needs to mesh. Depending on next years draft picks (looking at you, Rams. Please suck, thanks), this team is poised for a huge jump in the near future. This isn’t a full rebuild, it’s a partial one. I do not see this team making the postseason this year, but they could definitely play party-pooper to a couple of teams.


Jay Gruden – Gruden utilizes a West Coast Offensive scheme. This scheme was created by Bill Walsh in the 60’s when he worked for the Cincinnati Bengals as the QB coach. This offense relies heavily on shorter throws spread out throughout the field, eventually opening the top up for the occasional long ball. The use of a mobile QB and a variety of receivers can really help spread out the defense as well and easier for him to make throws.
Todd Wash – Although there have been rumors of a scheme change, and the signing of certain players seem to suggest the same, Todd Wash is still sticking a base 4-3 defense. One of the more common schemes, it involves four down linemen consisting of a nose tackle, a defensive tackle and two ends. Behind the linemen are 3 linebackers: The Mike, Will and Sam linebackers. The Mike, or middle, will line up behind the nose tackle and covers the A gap. The Will, or weak, lines up on the side not containing the TE and covers the B gap on that side. The Sam, or strong, lines up on the side of the Tight End and will contain the C gap on that side. The secondary will always have two CB’s, a SS and FS; the CB’s will cover the receivers, the FS will line up deep on the side of the weakside linebacker and the SS will do the same on the opposite side.
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Top 10 Nikola Naysayer's Baseless Arguments. Try harder, folks.

EDIT: There are now 19 items on this list. Last updated on Sep 30, 2020.
If you’re coming from subs that are heavily anti-Nikola such as wallstreetbets and RealNikola, I hope folks there haven’t closed your mind to the point you can’t see facts when they’re presented to you. The following is meant to address baseless claims so that we can move onto legitimate concerns and questions about Nikola Corporation.
Now be prepared for some serious due diligence (DD). This will take awhile...
Before you read the items below, I suggest first watching the following videos: - Real Engineering Video (Sep 5, 2020—a great summary of Nikola’s business model) - Tesla Joy Video (Aug 24, 2020) - Tesla Daily Video (Jun 2, 2020) - TESLA Charts Podcast (Jul 19, 2020) - Autoline Network Video (Jun 11, 2020) - This Week In Startups Video (Jul 31, 2020)
1) They ripped off Tesla's name!
FACT CHECK: What does this even mean? So...don't invest or at least take a look at a company given their name? Are you telling me that the inventor Nikola Tesla licensed his name to Elon Musk? That would be a no. Did Tesla Inc. trademark Nikola? Also a hard no. The only thing this tells me is that two clean energy companies honored a great inventor...a father of modern energy. I made this baseless claim #1 on this list since there are way too many people who just can't get over the name and refuses to took deeper, or if they do look deeper, they're already blinded by hate/disgust and can't look at the company objectively.
Fun Fact: See who truly honors the great Nikola Tesla (click on the following names). Is it Tesla’s Elon Musk or Nikola founder Trevor Milton?
2) They're diluting their shares with the merger!
FACT CHECK: Nikola Motor Co. and VectoIQ are conducting a reverse merger, which will come to a shareholder vote on June 2, 2020. If you don't know what a reverse merger is, click here. VTIQ's 29.6M shares will be combined with the 320.7M private shares of existing Nikola Motor Co. Another 52.5M shares will come from VectoIQ's PIPE (see #16 below as well for those who are worried PIPE investors are about to sell their shares). VTIQ will convert to $NKLA 1:1 meaning whatever price per share VTIQ is at pre-merger will be the same price it will be post-merger. Furthermore, existing Nikola private shareholders (not VTIQ shareholders) will be under a lock up period for 6 months where they are barred from selling their shares. I wouldn't be concerned with dilution until the lock up is lifted, but even then, Nikola World 2020 would have revealed major progress with the company that I'm sure most investors will want to hold tight for the long. Trevor Milton on dilution. Read the SEC filed S-4 to learn more about the merger.
Post-Merger Edit: No signs of dilution. NKLA continues to trade above its IPO price despite all the PIPE, warrants, and employee stock options entering the market. The only remaining shares left are the 2M (max) that the Diesel Brother can earn for Badger sales.
3) They sued Tesla...a bunch of amateurs!
FACT CHECK: Here's a video of an unbiased deep dive onto the patent lawsuit, which btw, Nikola is winning and winning at the highest patent court in the country. If another company infringed on Tesla’s patents, would that be okay?
4) Trevor Milton is the CEO.
FACT CHECK: Part of the agreement on the merger was for Trevor Milton to lose some shares to own up to 40% of the company. The agreement also elevated him to Executive Chairman from CEO so he wouldn’t have to run the day-to-day operations of the company and instead focus on leading the board of directors and the strategic direction of the company. All in all, institutional investors wanted to limit Trevor’s control over the company.
The CEO of Nikola is Mark Russell who has no social media presence and rarely seen, as it should be for the guy running the show. When Mark does speak, it's clear that he's the more calculated and reserved executive of the company. Comparatively, Trevor is a visionary. Those who follow him closely know he tends to speak in the future. As the Chairman of the company, he is fulfilling his job in pointing the Corporation's strategic direction.
Edit 1: A modification has been made to Trevor Milton’s lock-up clause.
Edit 2: Trevor Milton dumped 6 Million of his own shares! See...he doesn't even want the stock!
Fact Check: On Aug 26, 2020, Trevor announced that he would GIVE 6 million of his shares to the first 50 employees of Nikola. He then later announced that he would give the other 350 of his employees a total of 1 million of his own shares. Nikola haters love to spin the truth. They're so blinded by hate and disgust for Trevor and Nikola that anything he does is processed negatively.
Edit 3: Trevor Milton is no longer CEO or Executive Chairman as he stepped aside following sexual assault allegations.
5) Trevor Milton started two companies that went bankrupt! He’s even a college dropout!
FACT CHECK: Now we're getting into the SPIN ZONE! Get the full dose of truth in this Forbes article. You’ll find that Trevor actually started two businesses that he sold for millions of dollars.
For whatever reason, some people assume great entrepreneurs have been 100% successful in their endeavors. They couldn’t be more further from the truth.
To those who tease Trevor for being a college dropout, see this list of successful business leaders who also dropped out of college.
6) Hydrogen tech is unproven! Nikola is just vaporware!
FACT CHECK: It seems you are ill-informed of the industry. Here's hydrogen fuel cell tech use in South Korea, in California, in Germany, and in the United Kingdom, to name a few...oh, and there's Nikola's H2 fueling station at their Phoenix, Arizona HQ.
Do these videos of the Nikola Two look like vaporware to you?
  1. Video 1
  2. Video 2 The Nikola Two beer delivery with Ab inBev.
  3. Video 3 Nikola Analyst Day video (start at the 11:28 min mark)
  4. Video 4
  5. Video 5 The Nikola Two on the road.
  6. Video 6 Raw video of the Nikola Two fuel cell tech in action. Check this out to look under the hood.
  7. Video 7. The Nikola Two performing a break test.
  8. Video 8 Trevor Milton showing the Nikola Two Powertrain
To learn more about hydrogen, read this peer-reviewed study on the 20 Hydrogen Myths.
Furthermore, if you go through the Hydrogen FCEV Technology and Hydrogen Technology post flairs in this sub, you’ll find other companies vouching for FCEV tech as well to include Shell, Hyundai, BMW, Bosch, Ballard, Jaguar Land Rover, Daimler, Toyota, and Hyzon...I’m sure I’m missing others. What are all these companies missing that you see? Is it because Elon Musk said hydrogen is "fool cell"? They all must be trying to fool us I guess.
7) My shares will be $10 post-merger!
FACT CHECK: VTIQ will convert to NKLA 1:1 meaning whatever price per share VTIQ is at merger, will be the same price it will be post-merger.
Post-Merger Edit: We did not see NKLA start at $10. In fact, on Jun 4, 2020 listing day, NKLA opened at $37.55.
8) They took PPP money meant for small businesses. How dare they do that?!
FACT CHECK: Before Nikola received close to $1B from the VectoIQ merger, the company was strapped in cash and had over 300 employees and their families to care for during COVID-19. They eventually paid tax payers back as you'll hear in this clip where Trevor sets the record straight with CNBC.
9) I don't understand warrants, so this company is a fraud!
FACT CHECK: If you don't understand warrants (NKLAW), either get smart or just buy NKLA common shares. See this reference and my thoughts on NKLAW.
10) They're asking me if I want to redeem my VTIQ shares for $10.36 when I bought it at $25. This is 100% a scam!
FACT CHECK: VTIQ shareholders received messages on whether to opt into redeeming their shares by May 29, 2020. If they did, they would only receive $10.38. No one in their right mind would want to do that if the price of VTIQ is currently way over that price. Not only does this hurt you, it also hurts Nikola Corp as you would be taking cash from the merger. Read this Article. Bottom line, if you receive a message asking if you want to redeem your VTIQ shares, don’t do it. This is an option that they made available, but VectoIQ and Nikola Corp. highly suggests against redeeming your VTIQ shares.
11) Their revenue projections are fake! Anyone can preorder with $0 money down!
FACT CHECK: This article explains why preorders are $0.00. Also, read this Tweet from Trevor Milton. Moreover, go to pg. 14 on this SEC filing. Notice how the vast majority of the preorders are from legitimate institutional fleets. See this Tweet as well.
Note that Nikola has stopped taking orders for their FCEV semis since Fall 2019. They’re only taking orders for BEV semis, Badgers, NZTs, and WAVs. The $10B 14,602 preorder semis where for those FCEVs. Trolls can’t add to that number and are just wasting their time especially since Nikola runs scripts to filter out their submissions.
12) No one wanted to invest in Nikola! That's why they went public...to take your money instead! Nikola is SCAM!
FACT CHECK: Go to Pg. 10 on the prospectus. You'll find over $500M in funding from several companies prior to the merger with VectoIQ. Post-merger, Nikola’s institutional investors include Bosch (German), Hanwha (S. Korean; 6.13% ownership), CNH Industrial/Iveco (Italian; 7.11% ownership), Nel Hydrogen (Norwegian), Fidelity Management and Research Company, Inclusive Capital Spring Fund (~5.6% ownership), Black Rock, and P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LP. To doubters, what do you see that these companies fail to see? These companies fully vetted Nikola before investing in them. Nikola even received a $1.7M grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Prior to the merger, VectoIQ’s CEO Steve Girsky, who is known for getting General Motors out of bankruptcy as their former Vice Chairman, did a top-down vetting of Nikola, Trevor Milton, the leadership team, their strategy and vision, etc. Steve is now a member of Nikola’s board of directors along with leaders from Bosch, Hanwha, Iveco, Ace Disposal, and Caterpillar's Thompson Machinery (Source). EDIT: Along with partnering with Nikola on producing the Badger, General Motors also invested ~$2B in Nikola on top of saving Nikola $4B in capex. GM undoubtedly did their homework on Nikola and on Trevor prior to this investment, which grants them ~11% stake in the company.
Furthermore, Nikola went public via a SPAC reverse merger to save time and capital going through the traditional IPO route. They wanted to go public to be completely transparent and demonstrate to investors that they aren't another WeWork company doomed for failure. The reserve merger brings about $1B in capital to kickstart their major projects (hydrogen infrastructure and factory construction). Although their stock went through a tough road during their first couple of months since listing on the NASDAQ, Nikola continues to survive and trade above their IPO price. Three months after listing, Nikola even secured a binding contract for 2,500 Nikola Refuse trucks from Republic Services worth at least a $1B and may be increased to 5K trucks ($2B max order) (Source).
For those who think Nikola is riding on the backs of retail investors, see pg. 34 of this prospectus. Retail investors own about 10% of NKLA.
Now the real questions:
Should retail investors invest in a pre-revenue company? I invested in NKLA/VTIQ for the same reason why venture capitalists (VCs) invest in pre-revenue/pre-IPO companies. The big difference is that Nikola decided to go public via a reverse mergeSPAC, which allowed retail investors to participate, thus democratizing investment in a pre-revenue company, which until recently only the very rich VCs can.
Does Nikola deserve their pre-revenue valuation? Valuation is based on investor sentiment and Nikola cannot control their stock price. Literally the last share buyer does. I came in when NKLA was still VTIQ and my valuation was based on the 14.6K FCEV pre-orders worth ~$10B to include binding contracts with Ab inBev and U.S. Xpress. We then witnessed what happened when the Nikola Refuse order with Republic Services became a binding contract. Investors decided that they were willing to come in now before the order gets fulfilled as they believe the stock price will be much higher later when the order materializes.
Lastly, senior leadership at Nikola will take no more than $1 per year in salary and will be compensated instead with stock bonuses if they meet benchmarks. This shows good stewardship of investors’ money, not add to the company's CapEx, and letting their performance dictate their compensation.
13) They’re outsourcing everything! Definitely not vertically integrated like Tesla!
FACT CHECK: Outsourcing is a misleading term. Technically, you can't outsource to a company that invests in you and/or has partnered with you. The more appropriate term is joint venture. For example, Nikola and Iveco has a 50/50 JV factory in Germany (Nikola Iveco Europe GmbH). Iveco's parent company CNH Industrial also invested $250M to Nikola in cash, goods and services. Bosch is providing the fuel cell and powertrain for the semis. They too invested heavily in Nikola. Outsourcing would imply that Nikola is the customer of a contract company and Nikola is paying them...not at all the case. Together, these companies that have invested heavily in Nikola enable vertical integration.
Fun Fact: Just as how Nikola is using another OEM to manufacture the Badger, Tesla also used another OEM to build one of their vehicles. It was their very first vehicle...the Roadster. The OEM was Lotus, but notice I said “used another OEM to build” the Roadster. I didn’t say “manufacture”. The point here is that Testa didn’t do everything themselves as Nikola haters dog the company for.
14) The cost to create hydrogen is $13/kg. That's way more than what diesel costs. No company will switch!
FACT CHECK: Nikola has dropped the cost of producing hydrogen to below $4/kg . Their hydrogen will also be made onsite, thus removing distribution requirements. Furthermore, Nikola will take advantage of both renewable energy (wind and solar) as well as cheap excess power from the grid...hours where energy companies are actually releasing energy (wasted electricity) due to grid overload during low-usage hours. They also won't be getting power within municipalities, but rather through PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) on main federal transmission lines saving them a ton of money (Source).
15) Trevor Milton sold millions of NKLA shares to buy his $32.5M ranch when Nikola has made ZERO revenue!!
FACT CHECK: First, see #4 above. Beyond these shares Trevor had to sell as part of the merger, he cannot sell the rest of his shares as they’re locked up for 6 months post-merger with VectoIQ. Furthermore, Trevor bought the ranch a year before the merger and before VectoIQ and Steve Girsky approached Nikola. Lastly, Trevor made bank from selling dHybrid to Worthington Industries. The seed money from Worthington to start Nikola was separate from Worthington's purchase of dHybrid.
16) PIPE investors are going to sell their shares! The disparity between NKLA and NKLAW will tank the stock! SELL NOW!!
FACT CHECK: Please see this piece that I wrote, which addressed this fear mongering by naysayers.
Post-Warrants Edit: NKLA continues to trade above its IPO price. The downward pressures from the warrants are now gone and none of the PIPE investors have signaled dumping their stocks.
17) The Badger is just a GM EV rebadging of the Silverado. 100% GM technology with a Nikola badge! I can't believe Nikola gave GM 11% stake of their company for this!
FACT CHECK: The Badger will utilize GM's powertrain (Ultium battery tech and Hydrotec fuel cell stack technology), but the rest of the truck is Nikola's IP/design. Furthermore, the two existing prototype Badgers were completely made by Nikola without GM's help and will be revealed during Nikola World 2020. GM will then engineer their tech with Nikola's tech/design, test, validate, and manufacture the pickup truck. See this Tweet from Trevor:
>Nikola to share hardware like ASILD Inverters, batteries and other validated parts. Nikola will always own; the brand, cab, chassis modifications, infotainment, controls, OTA, sales, service and warranty & customer interaction. GM to help us build it to last and cut cost.
This interview explains a lot more about the partnership between Nikola and GM. I also encourage you to read the 8-K filing. It’s not that long of a read and shows what’s part of this deal beyond just the Badger, which justifies the 11% stake.
The partnership with GM on the Badger is also only good for 6 years. After that, Nikola would be free to manufacture the Badger themselves once they have a factory and the capital to do so by then. Their next-gen battery would surely be ready by then as well.
18) Nikola's Director of Hydrogen Production/Infrastructure is Trevor Milton's brother who was just your average joe construction worker, You've got to be kidding me!
FACT CHECK: Trevor's brother Travis Milton is Nikola’s Director of Hydrogen Production/Infrastructure; however he doesn’t have to know much about hydrogen technology to do what he does as Nikola hydrogen supplier is Nel Hydrogen. I assume his role is to find industry experts, such as Nel, and oversee Nikola’s contracts with them. Furthermore, there’s actually other hydrogen-related executives in the company (see pg. 16 of this prospectus presentation filed with the SEC). You have Dale Prows as Head of Hydrogen Supply Chain and Livio Gambone as Head of Hydrogen Storage. Also, check out these recent hires. They added Pablo Koziner, who came from and was an executive at Caterpillar, to be the Nikola Energy President overseeing stations and energy.
19) Nikola faked the Nikola One video...LMAO! They even admitted to it!
FACT CHECK: Yes, the Nikola One in this 2018 video did not drive in its own propulsion, hence the title "Nikola One Electric Semi Truck in Motion". The allegation is that Nikola fooled its investors. The truth of the matter is that Nikola's investors at the time were private investors as Nikola was still a pre-IPO company (Nikola Motor Company), to include Bosch and Nel. In Nikola's own words, "Nikola investors who invested during this period, in which the Company was privately held, knew the technical capability of the Nikola One at the time of their investment." Furthermore, Nikola's strategic partners have come out in support of the company after shorter Hindenburg Research's desperate hit-job article to support their short position after the GM partnership announcement that sent NKLA up ~50%. Moreover, NKLA investors find this hit-piece irrelevant as what matters now is what Nikola already has (working prototypes as seen on #6 above, strategic partners as listed on #12 above, 800 binding orders for FCEV Nikola semis from Ab inBEv and 2,500-5,000 binding orders for the Nikola Refuse by Republic Services) and what's to come (strategic partnership announcement on building out fueling stations, Badger reservation numbers, Nikola World 2020, and potentially more major binding contracts).

Now that we’ve gotten the baseless arguments out of the way (and I’ll continue to add to them when necessary), I encourage you to go through NikolaCorporation and read through the DD that have already been and continue to be shared. Filter topics by post flairs to find info you’re interested in.
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The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 2 - /r/Formula1 Editorial Team

The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 2: Birth of a Dream (2005-2006)

by TheStateOfIt
Hey y’all, welcome to Part Two of the Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team. If you aren’t up to speed on what this series is about, check out the first post in the series here..
The next part in covering the losers begins in 2005. The first fruits of the programme have found their way into Formula One, drivers like Christian Klien, Patrick Friesacher and... Narain Karthikeyan? Okay, the last two were technically dropped by Red Bull before going into F1, but they still made it. Mateschitz had just bought out Jaguar and Red Bull, and the lovable Minardi is about to morph into the youthful Toro Rosso.
In response, the Red Bull Junior Team is expanding its borders, taking in drivers from across the world, from Hong Kong to Argentina, Russia to Ireland, and everywhere in between. With the brand taking off and with two Formula One teams, the Red Bull Junior Team sees a rapid expansion, as a whole host of drivers enter the team. Some go into F1. Some find success elsewhere.
Most get kicked out after a year or two. Time to focus on them.

The Suspect Years (2005-2006)

Jim Ka To (HKG) - 2005 - Formula Renault Asian Challenge
The second Asian driver for Red Bull’s juniors after one Narain Karthikeyan, Jim was supposed to make the big move to Formula Renault in Europe, but the Hongkonger apparently had ‘health issues’ that prevented his big break. After one season in Asian Formula Renault, Wikipedia says he was dropped from the programme the following year, yet DriverDB says he stuck it out for another year with Red Bull in International Formula Challenge, a championship so unheard of that it appears to be purged from the internet.
What isn’t purged from the internet, though, is his criminal record. He was arrested in 2008 for assault, and in the middle of his bail period, he went on to become Asian Formula Renault Champion. I want to know if there’s any other driver who won a championship while on bail pending trial.
It seems that Jim was released on appeal after three months. Lucky him, his initial sentence was for 15 months. It didn’t take long for his second arrest in 2010, charged with reckless driving and crashing into a taxi, proving the age-old adage that racing drivers shouldn’t ply their trade on city streets. Apparently there’s another drug-related charge to his name, but that really shouldn’t count as the drug in question was Viagra.
For god’s sake, Chinese police, give Jim a break.
Run-ins with the police aside, Jim Ka To still races to this day, competing in the Chinese Touring Car Cup. I wish I could give you more info, but the CTCC, unlike the rest of China, doesn’t keep track of their events well, so I can’t tell you much apart from his 14th place in last year’s championship. I can tell you he was dreadful as a wildcard entry in the WTCC in 2019 and that he represented Hong Kong in the FIA Motorsport Games, which is like the Olympics but all the events are motorsport and there’s no hype surrounding it, but that’s about it. It’s not a good look when your criminal record is more relevant than your racing career.
Matias Milla (ARG) - 2005 - Formula Renault 2.0
Matias Milla’s career started with tragedy, as an accident in his debut in single seaters took the life of fellow competitor Matias Rico. Milla was also severely injured in the wreck, but managed to recover well enough to finish joint-runner up in Formula Renault Argentina the next season. It seems his date is also mislabeled, as his European career starting in 2004 seems to have been under Red Bull, as this video of him wrecking the Red Bull brand would indicate.
Regardless, Milla didn’t do himself any favours for Red Bull in 2005, lasting just two races in Formula Renault Germany before leaving Red Bull and heading home to Argentina. He shifted his career well into reverse, though, sticking to karting for the next six years, though he did reap tons of rewards on-track. In his first season back out of karts, though, he won the TC2000 championship on his first try. To avoid confusion, this is just the regular TC2000 championship, the second tier in the royal hierarchy of Argentine touring cars. In the premier division, Super TC2000, Milla took his time to get acclimatised, but did win an event last year, so all props to him.
Teemu Nyman (FIN) - 2005 - Formula Renault 2.0
I know Finns like to keep a low profile. Teemu is the embodiment of that. In his single season with Red Bull, he failed to score any podiums in Formula Renault Germany and the less said about his journey in the Eurocup, the better. A huge let-down from his promising karting career, Teemu effectively left single-seaters and hasn’t shown up since. Seriously, nothing. My Facebook hunting skills may have uncovered him as a proud dad, but that’s literally all I have been able to gather about this mysterious man.
John Edwards (USA) - 2005-2007 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Atlantic Championship
John Edwards was taken in by Red Bull at just 14 years of age, and unlike most other drivers of that age who would be karting, Edwards was automatically given the boost to Formula Renault. Obviously, at such a young age, he wasn’t going to be the top draw, but he still held his own for a couple of years, winning a race at Anderstorp, but for some reason Marko didn’t stick with the adolescent talent. Maybe his move back to the United States put some dampers on his relationship with Red Bull, but I have no clue.
Then he won the Star Mazda and Atlantic Championship back-to-back. He then transitioned to Grand-Am and GT Racing, where he’s a multiple-time race winner in both Grand-Am and IMSA. He guided his team to win their class in the Daytona 24 Hours. Most importantly, as a BMW factory driver, he got to pilot the B I G M8.
He’s on the threshold of what is defined here as a “loser”. Anything lower than him is considered unsuccessful, which just goes to show how brutal motorsport is.
Stefano Coletti (MON) - 2005-2008 - Formula BMW / Formula Renault 2.0 / Formula 3**
Oh dear.
Stefano baby what happened to you.
It did take him quite a while and a lot of effort for the Monegasque driver to get to GP2, including getting accepted and then rejected from Red Bull’s Junior team. It didn’t help that he was erratic and inconsistent in Formula Three and Formula Renault. Not just in terms of on-track results, but also behaviour, when he socked Jules Bianchi in the face after one F3 race in 2009. Once he got his conduct sorted and results moving along, though, he made it to GP2 in the end. He was a mainstay of the series for a while, always in the midfield but never a contender for the title.
That changed in 2013. Three wins and six podiums in the first eight races of the season saw him lead the championship by 24 points. He even won in Monaco, the first Monegasque to win on home soil since Louis Chiron in 1931. People were beginning to question which F1 team he would move to next.
Then his talent disappeared. Outside of a podium at the Nürburgring, he didn’t score a SINGLE POINT after that. Some due to bad luck, like getting punted from fourth at Silverstone, but his other dreadful results were inexplicable. He had a more consistent season the following year, but nowhere near the successes he had in early 2013.
He then surprised everyone by joining Indycar in 2015, surprised some people as he was hyped as KV Racing’s top young talent, then surprised nobody by failing to live up to those expectations. I forgot he even existed in Indycar until I started writing this. Many others did too, and soon the effect took hold on Coletti, who stopped racing altogether and has now delved into the niche market of Monegasque real estate.
Sergey Afanasyev (RUS) - 2006 - Formula Renault 2.0
Afanasyev burst onto the scene with a Formula RUS trophy in his hand and Lukoil sponsorship backing him up, earning him a spot alongside fellow Russian Mikhail Aleshin in Red Bull’s Junior Team. However, he only entered two feeder series to the feeder series of a feeder series, the Northern European and Swiss Formula Renault 2.0 Championships. Despite a race win in the Northern Europe championship and finishing second in the Swiss category, Marko got rid of him rather quickly at season’s end.
He swung around the three near-meaningless feeder categories at the time - International Formula Master, (Palmer) Formula 2 and AutoGP - before finally settling on a career in GT cars and Touring Cars. Though his touring car career was filled with commentators encouraging others to wreck him, he found more success in the middle categories of sportscar racing, taking championship in the Pro-Am class of the FIA GT series and winning the one-make Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe last year.
Nathan Antunes (AUS) - 2006 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Formula 3
Anybody paying attention to Australian GT racing would’ve heard of Antunes’ name. Heck, classifying him as a ‘loser’ may be harsh, but for a programme specifically geared to manufacture top-tier stars, Nathan lags behind. Not that he was in the programme for long, barely getting half a chance in German F3 and Formula Renault before being given the boot.
He did take quite the hiatus from racing in general following that, focusing primarily on the Toyota Racing Series, but now he’s living the good life. He won in his class in the 2016 Bathurst 12 Hours, has found some success elsewhere in the Australian GT scene, got a side gig as a Mercedes-AMG performance driver in his current hiatus from full-time racing and is married to an Instagram model. What’s so bad about that?
Yoshitaka Kuroda (JPN) - 2006 - Formula BMW
Kuroda Yoshitaka is a Japanese daimyo who served as a chief strategist of the great unifiers of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was one of a select group of daimyos that converted to Christianity, which caused some religious kerfuffle when Hideyoshi gave an edict that expelled all Christians from Japan. Yoshitaka said “fuck that Christianity shit” once he realized that he would be threatened with death, but is still portrayed in contemporary Japan as a general feared by Hideyoshi.
This Yoshitaka Kuroda couldn’t even muster a top-8 finish in Formula BMW in his single season under Red Bull. Absolutely no relation to the other Kuroda, apart from being expelled from a dynasty. His career highlight is appearing in a few AutoGP races, where the ”website” in his AutoGP profile now links to a site providing tips for the nursing industry. I don’t think Kuroda runs that site anymore and, as far as I can tell, Kuroda doesn’t race nowadays as well.
Niall Quinn (IRE) - 2006 - Formula BMW
Yes, the name’s the same as that Irish footballing legend. His old Wordpress blog is even called ‘The Other Niall Quinn’. All similarities with surprisingly competent goalkeepers aside, Quinn was labelled by Red Bull as the next big thing when he won a karting shoot-out to earn his place in their Junior Team, giving him a drive in Formula BMW UK for the next season. Third place in the rookie’s cup wasn’t so bad for someone’s first season out of karts.
So Red Bull went batshit crazy and dropped him instantly. Ouch.
Quinn never stepped up beyond Formula Three after that, regardless of being awarded Young Irish Driver of the Year, his Formula Palmer Audi successes and test driver role for the championship-winning Irish A1GP team. A surprise appearance in Indy Lights, which wasn’t half bad, couldn’t land him a role Stateside, and by 2015 was stuck racing in the Irish Seat Supercup. This was enough for Quinn and motor racing, and settled on taking on a regular job as a software engineer for Verizon.
Or so you think. Outside of software stuff, he picked up some simracing equipment and got back to the grind. I don’t know how much simracing played a role, but he ended up back in the driver’s seat for Team HARD at the final GT Open round at Snetterton. After a few years away, his first weekend back saw him clinch a race win. Even now, with racing cancelled, Quinn is still getting his name out there, no thanks to being teammates with one Robert Kubica in his simracing exploits. If he isn’t yet, this guy’s about to be Poland’s favourite Irishman.
Oliver Oakes (GBR) - 2006-2007 - Formula BMW / Formula Renault 2.0
Oakes was a no-brainer for Red Bull, having just won the World Karting Championship. His first impression also made waves as he won his first ever race in single-seaters in Formula BMW. However, after one decent season in Formula Renault, Red Bull did their usual disposal of drivers who didn’t instantly pick up the slack, Oakes included. His next decision took him to British F3, where he struggled with minnows Eurotek in 2008. After promising performances, though, he joined the renowned Carlin outfit, pairing up with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Chilton. This little web gem of a young Oakes, Ricciardo & Chilton (and a former Lord) seemed to show off good times in the Carlin camp.
However, after two races, Oakes was done with Carlin for reasons only termed as a ”dispute”, and a last-ditch effort to save his racing career in GP3 went nowhere. But Oakes was by no means done with motorsport. Heck, he’s now one of the biggest names in junior motorsport, having taken the Christian Horner route and becoming team principal of HitechGP.
Oakes didn’t just take over HitechGP either. He rebranded the whole damn team, changing their name from Hitech Racing and starting everything from scratch. Since Oakes’ takeover, they’ve had their fair share of talent walk through their doors, from Alexander Sims to Rinus VeeKay to George Russell, operated teams in Formula 2 and Formula 3 and provided all the operations for the W Series and the F4 component in the Motorsport Games.
When Red Bull’s Junior Programme failed you, I guess the best way to take revenge is to start your own.
Edoardo Piscopo (ITA) - 2006-2007 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Toyota Racing Series / Formula 3 / A1GP
Most of Piscopo’s story in motorsport comes after he left the Red Bull Junior Team, which terminated following a disappointing Formula 3 Euro Series campaign. However, he was still seen as a golden boy in the eyes of one Formula One reject: perennial backmarker Piercarlo Ghinzani.
Luckily, Ghinzani was no longer at the back of the Formula One pack with Osella, but had now started his own racing team which, as of 2007, had become the operator of A1 Team Italy. After impressing in practice in Sepang, Ghinzani handed Italy’s honour to Piscopo for the rest of the season. Edoardo went on to misrepresent Italy in the World Cup of Motorsport, with only a best finish of 7th and sinking Team Italy to 18th and 16th in the two years he was with the team. Despite his failures in A1GP, though, he found success with Ghinzani’s team in Italian Formula Three, and came in 2nd in a race for the Italian F3 championship with Mirko Bortolotti. This gave Piscopo his only taste of Formula One, testing the Ferrari F2008 as his prize.
His career only blossomed from there, nearly becoming AutoGP Champion in 2010 behind Romain Grosjean despite winning zero races, having zero pole positions and only one fastest lap. After more success in Blancpain and in the Porsche Carrera Cup, Piscopo found his true calling at Lamborghini. He won the Lamborghini Super Trofeo in Europe in 2014, the North American series in 2017 and the World Final in both of those years. All this success saw him signed up to Lamborghini as the official test driver for the Huracan GT3, a role that he still holds to this day (I think).
That’s all for Part Two. To anyone still reading, thank you for your collective interest in the ‘losers’ of the Red Bull Junior Team. The next part starts in 2007, the time when Sebastian Vettel entered F1 and really made everyone sit up and take note of Marko’s child army.
Not everyone post-Vettel has been that good, though. Sure, we have Brazilian talk-show guests, a Ferrari lap record holder and a hands-free Lebanese, but none of them found F1 success. Want to know how they got on? Check out the next part :--)
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 30: Aaron and Funk VS ???

The results are in for Match 28. The winner is…
The Black Hill Estate, with a score of 73 to Underground Exodus’ 66!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Black Hill Estate 17-12 At a 5-7 resolution ending in a .5-.5, again a single pop point disappears.
Quality Black Hill Estate 22-21 Reasoning
JoJolity Black Hill Estate 24-23 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
The fight had resolved in Cab and Espiritu’s favor, many powerful blows traded, and despite himself, despite everything in Espiritu telling him that now was the time to retreat, to be away from all of this… This, he still took the initiative, alongside Cab, to address any and all collateral damage their fight had caused which had been within his power to do. These people, who the pair Stand Users had said feared and distrusted the acts of Stand Users, and thus had fought him and Cab, were simply trying to live their lives as best as they could, after all, and there was so, so much harm in the world without adding yet more grudges to someone’s back.
Cabernet Sauvignon… I thought so lowly of you, yet as we fought for our lives, you seemed to have no idea, the observant Jaguar mused, finding himself, in spite of his status, minding him just a few touches less. He still wasn’t quite comfortable with people, per se, let alone ones with pasts he had been sure were as violent as Cab’s, but perhaps…
“Huh,” Cab remarked aloud soon after, in part hoping to actually talk with the intelligent predator, in part simply wanting to be heard, “for a place that keeps such a tight leash on stuff like this, we sure did just… Have this entire fight. That’s weird, right?” He didn’t wait for any sort of response besides that of his own gut. “Yeah, that’s weird… Something’s going down here, or about to. It’s almost like the people who should’ve kicked our asses by now are preparing for war.”
In the now-late night air as he and Espiritu tried to dry themselves off more, Cab’s worst fears were confirmed. The streets erupted in blue and red lights, sirens wailing, people dispersing. Both of them, of course, knew what this meant.
“Alright, we’re bailing now,” Cab continued, grumbling aloud as he looked at the watch, how late it was, “what a detour what was supposed to be a brief passing-through has been… I’ve completely missed the Taste of Fortuna. And here I was hoping to talk the finesse of cuisine with CaraMel Dansen, pick the brain and tastes of the young man who had the audacity to defy Chop Suey’s authority on International TV… Or maybe give a piece of my mind to that restaurant around here which up and stopped accepting shipments from our estate awhile ago.”
He shook his head, then, as if wondering why, at Espiritu’s quizzical look, he was talking about such things when he should be booking it. Was this seriously all that could come to his mind..?
Cab may have missed it, but as of when this goes up you still have a full 24 hours and some change to vote in the penultimate match of the round, a quantitative cooking match between two master chefs, a boxer, and a crooked courier.
Somewhere in the Slums, 11:17 P.M.
Emily stared down the apartment door, bad memories assaulting her like a horde of gnats. It had been weeks since she’d been to this particular ‘safehouse’, actively avoiding it since her live-in partner had left in an angry flurry with all her belongings. She couldn’t blame Aile for leaving, the young girl deserved much better than her anyway, but the thought of it still weighed heavily on her mind amongst the ever-growing mountain of more ultimately important problems.
Bringing the key to the dingy knob, and twisting it just the right way, the door opened to the dark residence with a blast of stale air as Emily stepped onto the welcome mat inside.. Everything is still as it was left weeks ago, pizza boxes on the coffee table, ‘clean’ clothes draped over the couch, fish tank running sans the fish Aile took in the breakup. Even before weeks of neglect, the place needed a cleaning desperately, and a moderate layer of dust covered everything in sight.
Except for an outline for where the welcome mat should be, having been moved very recently.
She froze for a split second, eyes darting around the small dwelling at key areas. The door to Aile’s room just to her left, the fishtank and far end of the walled-off kitchenette ahead of her, and the door to her room off to the right past the wall to the kitchen. No sound, no movement; the apartment seemed deserted save for her, and only barely lit by a stray street light out the window next to the fishless tank. She continued casually, shutting the door behind her and removing her suit jacket; the immense quiet of the room didn’t sit right; she was not alone here, it was just a matter of seconds. Reaching up to her tie, she gave it a loosening tug…
The phone rang.
A figure swung out from the far kitchenette wall. In one smooth motion Emily drew her firearm and began to advance, putting two rounds into it only to cause a stagger. Kevlar. Two more rounds kept them off balance long enough to reach, planting her right gun-equipped forearm against their throat while her left hand scooped up their right knee, driving them backward with a yell into the fishtank. The phone rang.
Water exploded to the ground as Emily followed through with a left elbow to their jaw while she wedged her pistol underneath their protective vest and into their torso. Three rounds later, they went limp. Movement from behind, Aile’s door swung wide inward as the phone rang.
Before another could fully emerge, their feet were yanked backward from underneath them by a flicker of shadow, sending their chin into the floorboards and bullets into the ceiling. They were sharply dragged back into the dark of the ex’s room, sounds of screaming and tearing to follow. A sound this time, her door had been opened and a figure advanced down the kitchen toward the broken tank. Dropping her gun, Emily used both hands to leverage the dead body as a shield, spinning in place and advancing to the kitchen as the phone rang.
Three, four, five rounds were put into the corpse before it was tossed forward into the figure, knocking them off balance. Emily grabbed a dirty chef’s knife from the sink in a reverse grip and slashed at their gun hand, successfully disarming them before following through with a stab. The phone rang.
The larger body blocked the stab with their left, countering with a haymaker with their right. She grabbed the right hand as it passed by her head, spinning 180° and dropping to her right knee to use the force against them in a shoulder throw. They hit the linoleum floor hard, but followed the momentum through with their own throw, sending Emily back toward the fish tank. These are trained men… she thought while barely keeping her balance as she landed, looking back at the offender as he nearly finished standing back up. The phone rang.
She dove at the figure feet-first, sweeping their right foot while kicking their knee, sending them back downward and smashing their head off of the cheap granite countertop, dazing them. With the second she gained from the daze, Emily threw herself on top of the figure, knife poised over their throat, but was met with resistance. The phone rang.
With one more heave, she put all her weight on top of the knife, driving it deep into their collarbone and ending the fight. Adrenaline slowly draining from her system, Emily sat up from the limp body to catch her breath against a cabinet door, eyes still adjusting to the dark residence. The phone rang
It didn’t ring again. She stood to grab it from its receiver on the countertop, stumbling back toward the fish tank to the window before lifting it to her ear and answering it. She had no greeting, still breathing heavy from the encounter. “Hello? Ms. Stanton? Is that you?”
Emily’s eyes narrowed, swallowing hard and slowing her breaths. “How do you know that name? Who is this?”
“No,” The voice, somewhat androgynous and low in tone, responded, “I could go on about how I know who you are, why I know, but frankly… You don’t need to know, and you don’t have the time to hear.”
”Excuse me?” Emily was in no mood for crank calls, responding with anger as she reached for a nearby light switch.
I told you, and I won’t tell you again, those details don’t matter so much! There’s a knife between your shoulderblades and now they’re coming for you, is what matters most.”
“Who’s coming-” As Emily turned the light on, she answered her own question.
In her kitchen laid two familiar police officers, killed by her own hand.
Emily stood in silence above the bodies, phone down to her side as the voice continued. “Some people have smelled blood in the water, you know… There’s a certain incident of a few months ago, involving a man you hated more than most in this city could rival. If they haven’t already, surely now you have men chasing after you for the crime of but doing what you think is necessary. I can say from experience, then, that they will be relentless, they will not stop until you are dead or in your clutches… So, then, the game is afoot! Sincerely, I wish you the greatest of luck, and wonder who will win out in the end.”
Noise from outside the apartment door, heavy footfalls of at least a half-dozen people. Still fixated on the bodies before her, a shadowy form flew to the door and swung it wide, four more following it out into the hall as screaming and gunfire erupted. Emily raised the phone sharply to her mouth, speaking through gritted teeth.
”Dead or alive,” She looked out the window across the broken tank, seeing the outline of Los Fortuna’s skyline against the night sky. ”I’m not abandoning them.” Hanging up the phone, she went to grab her jacket.
Midnight Sun University Town - A soundproofed room above CaraMel’s Confectionery (Closed for manning the Taste of Fortuna!), earlier that day
“We are not storming the Slum Queen.” A short, heavyset figure in a black pantsuit and pink headscarf spoke with conviction. Though Venus York was always somewhat even in tone, a calm jovial presence, Aaron Kirk had quickly learned while shadowing this meeting that when she took something seriously, she could get extremely stubborn.
And she was the only person in the room against this who had spoken their mind.
Seated next to Aaron was the man he was watching alongside, the new dean of the art school, Theodore Lloyd, the droll 30 something idly playing with the ears of his yellow aviator cap. “I understand your caution, York, and before, I would have been inclined to agree, but you have seen how the situation has changed since then.”
“Standing in the way of progress, she is…” A woman in a green suit and top hat agreed, filing her nails with a file shaped like a dollar bill. Million Dollars, she had been named… Something about her kinda pissed Aaron off. “Now that we’re at a fever pitch, it’s a perfect time for a change in management, a chance for them to move up in the world, don’t you think?”
“We shall strike her down with the wrath of the gods!” A positively ancient man in a robe and round glasses with a big white beard said, waving a wooden staff in a way that made the others recoil away. Aaron knew Professor Drankwater, of course, and his first impression of him hadn’t changed at all. “Revenge, then, shall be ours!”
Aaron blinked, then, confused about the meeting in question, not helped by the fact that two members - Oh No and CaraMel Dansen - were totally absent. “Wait, what’s this about revenge? I, uh… haven’t gotten the memo yet.” A fact he was slightly annoyed with Teddy about, but by how he spoke, it was deeply confidential - ‘leave our cell phones in the other room with batteries out’ confidential.
“Do not call it revenge,” a middle-aged man with red-tinted round glasses and a nice suit, Chief Prosecutor Cavallo, chided his friend, “what we will be serving here is ‘justice,’ even if the victim is high-profile, and a friend of ours… A sign in a time of great strife that we will not tolerate the injustices Stand Users do, let alone from those who try to force others out and call it right.”
“Justice…” Aaron blinked. “Wait, do you mean-”
“Yes…” Cavallo answered, pointing with his walking stick/mic stand to a wall-mounted TV screen and pressing a button to fire it to life. “It’s taken months, but I have found evidence sufficient to reopen the case of the death of André Tifáni.” He then shook his head, grimacing. “No, that’s underselling it… What a source of ours, a set of eyes in the slums close to the queen has managed to get his hands on is a damned smoking gun! Peer here the security footage some surely-corrupt officer said showed no signs of foul play!”
Aaron peered at the screen, then, as the smoky security footage of the night André died, the street where he had been walking, where there now was a destroyed construction site and small memorial before him, showed the middle-aged man walking on the sidewalk close to it, struggling some with a very heavy bag surely full of art supplies.
Abruptly, then, André paused in front of the site, over a precarious piece of building, and as he did, a mechanical beast resembling some fearsome dog suddenly ran out from the street in front of him, passing by a motorist and diving straight for his leg as he crouched down. He winced, then, producing the onyx hook he had always carried with him and planting its edge in the ground to regain some balance, but as he did so, several identical looking dogs had already begun, and the tallest structure hanging over the fences of the site began to fall forward as the dog at his leg ran away. André glanced up at the falling structure…
Out of concern, Aaron looked to Ted; he actually looked like he might be ill suddenly at the site, but Cavallo paused the footage, saying “…I don’t need to tell you what came next. Everyone in this room has seen it once already, and myself over a dozen times. Furthermore, I had asked to personally see to a second autopsy being conducted on Andrew Tiffany’s body, deeming the first one an insufficient rush-job, and personally oversaw it alongside Professor Lloyd here.”
“There being a dog bite on his body had been deemed irrelevant as it wasn’t related to the cause of death, but…” Lloyd caught his breath then, nodding, and Aaron couldn’t help but think about how distraught the man was. “I used my Stand, ‘To Make Believe,’ which can identify and categorize unique Flow 24 signatures on persons and objects, even simply ‘remnants of effects,’ and when I examined the wound, I saw… There were ‘traces of Stand’ on the wound, and no DNA whatsoever… And a Flow 24 signature I had never categorized before, too.”
Dog bites and slipping under the cracks… Aaron wondered, remembering the stream Casey had been put up to, then shaking his head. No, that girl had no reason to do this… And the footage is right there.
“Something on your mind, Professor Kirk?” York asked, clearly frustrated with everyone else being in favor of this. “If you have something in mind, say it. This is a space to speak freely here.”
“Nothing,” he answered, putting the thought out of mind, “just… Running through the facts in my head, is all.”
“I see,” she said, sounding disappointed, “but regardless… This all feels too convenient to me, I don’t know. And besides, you don’t know what will happen if we remove her carelessly.”
“If she faces justice for what she has done, men like John Aurel and Mr. Jones and the entire damn underground Oh No has been working on busting up will know that they’re next! This is a greater example than we will ever have again,” Cavallo answered, slamming the table with his hand.
“Speaking of him.” York answered, “I’ve talked this over with No and Dansen both already, since for their reasons they couldn’t be here… But they’re opposed to this as well.”
“Your only allies here are one who hides in the shadows and one who is but a girl, too caught in her frivoloties to make such a meeting in her own abode!” Drankwater shouted, whapping the floor with his stick.
“It’s 4-3 us,” Dollars agreed, “you’re not gonna steer us off this path, Yorkie. The only person in this whole damn city with a motive to kill him… Checks out to me. Unless you mean to suggest this really was some freak accident. And anyway, since when are you the type to advocate for the status quo? Your ex-wife rubbing off on you?”
“…” York looked visibly frustrated, only to calm herself, but Aaron could see that that comment made her pretty damn close to socking the business professor. “Fine, then. But keep it covert, do not let any of this leak, take her alive, and for the love of God, leave VALKYRIE completely in the dark on this. I do not trust what ODIN will do if they catch wind of any of this early.”
“That, uh… Sounds reasonable, anyway,” Aaron answered, part of him empathizing with her certainty against this even if, to be frank, he was on the side of everyone else here. He’d known Andrew Tiffany personally, if only briefly, and though he knew Theodore Lloyd hadn’t gotten along with him well in years, he had spent enough time around him to know he was devastated by all of this too. If they were certain they’d found his killer, then why wouldn’t they do everything in their power to hunt her down?
“If you need someone to do the dirty deed here,” he added, looking to Cavallo, “someone on command for if the police can’t arrest here… I’ve done some things in the past I’m less than proud of, and though I would still like more than anything to leave that part of myself behind, maybe it could be used to do some good around here. And though I didn’t know him as long as any of you, Tiffany really did believe we were good for the world. So, shit, why not? You know… For André.”
Ted smiled, looking… Seriously grateful. “I was… Hoping to ask you that when I invited you here. If you refused, I would’ve taken up the post myself, but honestly… I can’t bear the toll of being a part of this case anymore.”
“Hey,” Aaron said, patting his shoulder, “this is what the MFAs do.”
Slums District, Northside, 1:33 A.M.
“Our continuing story, evidence broke late yesterday afternoon regarding the death of one André Tifáni, beloved dean of the College of Arts at Midnight Sun University, connecting the untimely death to a possible murder plot. Video evidence from an unnamed source has linked “The Gambler”, the previously unnamed, enigmatic head of the infamous Bakker Syndicate, to the scene of the crime shortly before the dean met his untimely end amidst what police ruled an industrial accident earlier this year.
Details at this moment are scarce, but a breaking investigation has identified the reclusive crime lord as one Emily Stanton, former Assistant Chief of Police for the LFPD, who was discharged years ago amidst a series of corruption allegations and disappeared from the public eye. A representative from the Temple of Syrinx situated in Syndicate territory has denounced the criminal organization, calling their presence in the area a “thin veil of bribery to mask a regime of evil.” Motive for the slaying has yet to be verified. In other news, a jaguar was spotted yesterday along the western canal-”
Funk removed the cheap headphones as her purring motorbike came to a stop, tossing the almost ancient walkman radio into a nearby ditch. She had picked it off the Syndicate toughs she ran into about an hour ago in her search for information, hoping to tap into the gang’s calls with it, but had settled for the latest news report. The Rat Pack had become privy to that very same news story before it first broke hours ago, and Funk intended to be the one to purify the city free of the rotten group for good. After all, where better to start than cutting off the head?
It wasn’t too difficult to locate some members while patrolling the slum’s streets; the two suited men were hassling a homeless man near an alleyway.
“A lot of strange things have happened in this alleyway, haven’t they, huh?” One asked, lifting him up. “Funny that, huh… Tell me, how long have you been around this-”
The man was interrupted by an introduction to Funk’s metal pipe.
The other, left still able to speak, cracked pretty easy after taking a couple hits to the shin, mentioning a rumor that the boss had been frequenting a scrapyard near the industrial district lately, something about a secret hideout, blah blah blah, sentimental shit that meant nothing to her in light of what she knew this person was behind.
So there she was, parked in front of the only junk heap for miles without a light to be seen, the only sound aside from the motor of her bike a distant human mumbling. She let out a quiet whistle. “Fuckin spooky…” Killing the power, Funk walked her bike into the open fence of the entrance, eyes and ears alert.
Minutes later, between a couple large mounds of crumpled cars, the biker felt a presence. The shadows around her seemed to dance between themselves; she could swear she caught movement out of the corner of her eyes a few times, but saw nothing but motionless piles of junk upon focusing. The mumbling grew clearer as she advanced through the area, and upon passing one more mound, found a tall, curly haired man sidled against a broken fridge peering down the hallway between them.
Wait, is that… I’ve seen this person around! Both of them thought, roughly, at the same time, each figuring, then, correctly, that the other was after Stanton.
A hushed greeting was caught in Funk’s throat as a pixelated figure materialized from the man with its finger to its mouth, shushing her silently before she could speak and pointing to where the man was spying. The biker was confused, but obviously Aaron had no connection to who she was searching for, and clearly had no intention to be found by her either, so both agreed to the truce with little more than a quiet nod. Sidling against a crushed sedan on her side of the wide path, she peered at the scene Aaron had gestured to.
A short woman was pacing in front of a mound of derelict amusement park rides, tracks in the compacted dirt suggesting she had been doing so for awhile, speaking to it as if it were a group of close friends. Smoke billowed from her mouth as she spoke between frantic drags of a cigarette in one hand while gesturing with her speech wildly with the other.
“...it’s not like I blame her for leaving, like she said I can’t be around as much as she needs, but you’d think she’d be a little more understanding, you know? Things have been hell lately; there’s stand usin’ sea monsters at the waterfront, a stand usin’ murderer in the suburbs, stand usin’ laundry bandits, even a fuckin’ Puma for god sake. I…” The woman sighed, turning to the heap of scrap with a long drag to finish off the cigarette. “I’m reaching my limit here. I know I made a promise, but I didn’t expect history to repeat itself so soon. Everything is going up in smoke so fast, I just...” She flicked the cigarette butt toward the ground, holding her head with the other hand and sighing. “I’m sorry. I’m failing all of you. It’s gonna happen again, and I don’t know if I can stop it on my own.” She glanced up at the towering wreck of a ferris wheel, letting a moment of silence hang over the area before reaching into her pocket.
The two interlopers glanced at each other in confusion. Neither had the faintest idea what the woman was on about, all they knew was she seemed distracted. Aaron had been hesitant to advance on the armed gangster by himself, but with another stand user looking to bring the murderer to justice, his brain began racing for a plan of action. Funk could hardly contain herself any longer, rubbing her weapon of choice eagerly while glancing between her target and her temporary ally waiting for a good moment to get the party started. She had one of the biggest names in organized crime in the city within Piping distance, and she’d be damned if she let scum like that get away.
”Damn decent of you two to let me finish.” The short woman let her gaze drop to the ground as she loaded a cigarette to her mouth, lighting it with a quick flick of a zippo lighter as she continued. ”Or is this your sad attempt at an ambush?” Her body turned to look down the path she stood in, causing Aaron to slowly rise from his hiding place and Funk to leap out from hers.
”You got a lot to answer for, Stanton.” Aaron declared boldly, 「Mice on Venus」 poised in front of him, battle ready. The man struggled to keep his anger at the death of his colleague and mentor in check, swallowing hard and keeping his voice steady. “You can’t terrorize this city from the ‘shadows’ anymore… Time to get dragged into the ‘light.’”*
”That’s right, you fuckin’ scumbag!” Funk pointed her pipe at the gangster, starting up her bike and giving it a loud rev. ”The city’s gonna be way better off with you out of the picture!”
Emily chuckled. ”You really believe that, don’t you?” She took a few steps forward, putting away her lighter and keeping the hand in her pocket. She continued, voice slowly building in ferocity. *”The only thing I’m guilty of is cleaning up the mess this city refuses to owe up to. A mess that you fuckin’ stand users are all to blame for! And how am I thanked?!” Her roar echoed through the yard as junk from the mounds around them began to shift. Four quadrupedal figures began to stand out against the scrap, smoke billowing from their eyes as they climbed to the top of their respective positions. “They send two of the guilty ones themselves to silence me for good.”
Aaron shouted back. ”You’re talking nonsense!” He gritted his teeth, fighting the urge to rush the woman with everything he had. Funk had nothing to add, simply climbing on her bike to prepare for a charge. He continued, ”You destroy this city from the inside, but claim to be the greater good while killing the innocent?”
Emily shouted back, voice quivering, ”I’ve given everything for the power I have! The power to sway fate from disaster! If you aren’t working to prevent it from happening again...” A large, metallic canine materialized from behind the enraged Emily, eyes glowing a dark red as it bowed low in a growl.
”...you may as well be causing it!” The woman wiped moisture from her eyes as she drew her firearm, keeping it close to her chest as she aimed at the two aggressors.
“Now get out of my way, or We will bury you.”
(Art credit to Magistelles)
Location: an unnamed, Syndicate-owned metal scrapyard on the border between the Slums and Industrial districts. Each tile is 5 by 5 meters and the players are on the right side as denoted by the tokens. Large heaps of scrap roughly 5m high form labyrinthine paths through the 50x50m area, consisting of sheet metal, destroyed cars, large appliances, girders; any various form of broken and unwanted metal(denoted by the red rectangles). Standing on the left side is Emily Stanton, the infamous head of the Bakker Syndicate, while her stand「The Hounds」is littered throughout the area in accordance to the map linked above. The ground is made of dirt heavily compacted from the immense weight regularly shuttled around, and is littered with the odd stray bit of junk from the mounds.
Goal: RETIRE Your Opponents! Aaron and Funk are teammates for this match, while Emily will fight them both.
Additional Information: The only source of light in the area is a very large, bright full moon in the clear night sky, offering enough light to clearly illuminate the area and cast shadows amongst the junk heaps.
For reference and extra clarity, here is a version of the map with the names of the individual Hounds. This is the same as the map above, just with the names next to each hound in text boxes.
Boss Information: Emily’s sheet can be found here, pastebin version here
Team Combatant JoJolity
Masters of Funky Action Aaron Kirk “I’m always dealing with one idiot after another… Is there anyone out there that isn’t an idiot?!” You’re here for André, for the Board, for your team, and you’ve promised every one of them to set this city right. This sea of junk and violence will be your marble to that end. Over the course of the match, use what you have available to create a piece of artwork of your own to convey this determination and will of yours!
Baker Street Rat Pack Funk Odyssey "No… I should have known… I can't run away here! I will lose my 'Pride' if I retreat here!" You have probably the biggest target you’ve ever had right within your grasp, and she and everyone else will think twice before hurting people again. Show yourself as the real top dog by kicking ass with as much style and flair as possible!
Bakker Syndicate Emily Stanton “Now, are your actions born of ‘Reality?’ Or are they born of superficial evil? We’re about to find out.” These guys are marching on your turf trying to teach you a lesson? Like hell they are! Show these two how you earned your reputation and kick their asses with as much style and flair as possible!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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i_Milk's Official 3 Round Mock Draft

Disclaimer #1: This is based on what I would do not what I think will happen
Disclaimer #2: This mock will include trades

1.01 CIN - Joe Burrow QB LSU

1.02 WAS - Chase Young EDGE The Ohio State
Again, duh

Trade: MIA receives 1.03. DET receives 1.05, 2.39, 2.56, & 2021 MIA 2nd
1.03 MIA via DET - Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama
In a bidding war between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Miami Dolphins, Miami just has too much draft capital to spend for their QB of the future. If this was a normal year where teams would be able to get Tua in their building for updated medicals, then I'd be much more willing to spend extra 1st round capital to trade up and get him for either LA or Miami. The injury concerns obviously make this pick very risky, but some of it has simply come down to bad luck for Tua. When healthy, he's obviously an extremely talented passer who can cut apart a defense in so many different ways. Personally, I don't think the Fins are going to trade up for a QB. I think they want to keep as many draft picks as possible and are more than happy with either Tua or Justin Herbert at 5. However I have a solid gap between Tua and Herbert as prospects, so for me I feel like I need to go up and make sure I get my far and away top QB available.0

1.04 NYG - Jedrick Wills OT Alabama
I think this pick will be Isaiah Simmons come Thursday, however I would definitely be looking at taking one of these OTs at 4 for the G-Men. At the end of the day, Daniel Jones needs more help on the offensive line and specifically with his bookends. Nate Solder has been plagued by poor play since signing with the Giants, and Cam Flemming is much more suited to being a backup than relied on as a starter. With Wills, there might be freakier athletes in this OT class but I don't see anyone who has more pluses to their name than Jedrick. He's a very good athlete, has good length, and is probably the most technically sound OT in this draft class. Rarely is a pick ever "safe" but Wills is as good as it gets when it comes to tackle prospects in the NFL Draft.

1.05 DET via MIA - Jeffery Okudah CB The Ohio State
For the third time, duh

1.06 LAC - Andrew Thomas OT Georgia
So this pick has pretty much always been Justin Herbert, however I wanted to do something different and go through a scenario where the Chargers don't go QB. When I look at Herbert, I'd be okay with his currently development if he were a 2 year starter instead of a 4 year starter. I'm worried about some of the mistakes Justin makes with so much experience under his belt, however he dealt with numerous WR injuries in 2019 and Marcus Arroyo was (IMO) way too conservative in his play calling throughout much of the year (the Auburn loss in particular I blame a lot on Arroyo). There were flashes of Herbert being able to handle a heavier offensive load in 2019, however we never really got to see that come to fruition consistently. Herbert, like Jordan Love, really needs the right place to develop and I'm not sure the Chargers are it. I don't think it's a horrible place for him, with guys like Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry, and Austin Ekler as targets. However that OL needs some serious work, and after playing with the best OL in the nation at Oregon I think the adjustment could be tough for Justin. Instead I want to experiment with a different route in Andrew Thomas. Thomas has SEC experience at both RT and LT, along with solid athleticism, technique, and amazing strength and length. Thomas is as solid as they come, and whether it's for Tyrod Taylor, another vet, or a young QB, he should be a rock on the OL for whoever the Bolts starter is in 2020 and in the future.

1.07 CAR - Isaiah Simmons DEF Clemson
My #2 overall player comes off the board to Matt Rhule and the Panthers here at 7. Carolina has a lot of needs, and at the end of the day I think they just need to take the most talented player on the board at their pick. Enter Isaiah Simmons, the do-it-all slot cornesafety/linebacker who has the talent and athleticism to transform a defense. Simmons isn't a 1-to-1 replacement for Luke Kuechly, but you need a similar type of game changer on the defense. I believe Simmons is that player, and he should provide day 1 impact to a team in a rebuilding phase. With Brian Burns at DE and Donte Jackson already at CB, now Carolina has a young building block on all 3 levels of their defense.

1.08 ARI - Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa
This pick has got to be on either the offensive line or the defensive line for the Cardinals unless a player like Isaiah Simmons or Jeffery Okudah falls to them. I think a guy like Javon Kinlaw makes a lot of sense here, however like with the Giants, I am most concerned with protecting my young QB. Tristan Wirfs is an other-worldly athlete who has P5 experience at LT and RT. In terms of athleticism and strength, Wirfs has a rare combination of both of those tools to work with at the NFL level. Tristan needs some more development in the technical department in the NFL, but even though the Cards have vets like DeAndre Hopkins, Chandler Jones, Larry Ftizgerald, and Patrick Peterson, I don't feel that they need him to be awesome from day 1 and they can just let him learn at his own pace. If you can develop Wirfs properly, you'll have a fantastic bookend for Kyler Murray for a very long time.

Trade: TB receives 1.09. JAX receives 1.14, 3.76, 4.117, & 2021 2nd
1.09 TB via JAX - Mekhi Becton OT Louisville
I think this trade makes a ton of sense for both sides. Jacksonville's roster has been gutted over the past couple needs, and they just need to get as many picks as possible to try and build back up their roster. Tampa acquired the services of Tom Brady in free agency, and their win-now window has become obvious. The Buccaneers have a really good offense with guys like Brady, Howard, Evans, Godwin, Brate, Marpet, and Jensen as well as a great offensive mind in Bruce Arians as head coach. At this point with where the Bucs are at, I'm most concerned with fortifying the rest of the OL and spending whatever draft capital I have to in order to do it. Becton is by far the best OT left on my board and he's worthy of this pick. He's an absolute freak with incredibly nimble, explosive feet at 6'7 364 lbs. Leverage will probably always be a bit of an issue for Becton since he's so big and I think he needs work on his hand placement, but at the end of the day someone that huge and that athletic will be able to stop plenty of pass rushers. For Tampa, your time is now so let's go get someone who will have an immediate impact protecting your new investment at QB.

Trade: DEN receives 1.10. CLE receives 1.15, 3.77, 3.95, 4.118 & 2021 3rd
1.10 DEN via CLE - Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama
With all 4 top OTs off the board, Cleveland has the freedom to trade down and get a couple more assets for missing out on their top need. Denver gets to jump up into the top 10 after trading out of the top 10 in the 2019 draft. With the top WR still available, this is a no-brainer choice for the Broncos to help round out their offense. Denver seems to be prioritizing a top WR in this draft to pair with Courtland Sutton and I feel like that's a great approach to take. While Henry Ruggs would also be a great fit in Denver, I just can't pass on the overall talent that someone like Jeudy brings. Route running, speed, YAC, production, Jerry has it all and an offense with Jeudy, Sutton, Fant, Lindsay, and Gordon should give Drew Lock all the weapons he needs to have a good sophomore campaign in the Rocky Mountains.

1.11 NYJ - Henry Ruggs WR Alabama
And well, here's my WR2 coming off the board. The Jets have made an effort to sign a lot of offensive linemen in free agency and while none of them are good enough to stop them from taking an OT in the 1st round, it does give them somewhat of a safety net in case they aren't able to get one of the top 4 OTs. Henry Ruggs is a top 10 rated player in this entire class for me and I feel like he'll be an absolute game changer at the NFL level. Ruggs has good hands, amazing speed, and really promising route running as an underclassman. Ruggs can win at any level and take any route to the house. Sam Darnold needs as much help on offense as possible and a playmaker like Ruggs will sure go a long way in making Darnold's life better in the Big Apple.

1.12 LV - CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma
Yeah this pick is another real easy one for me. The Raiders need another WR to complete their offense and give Derek Carr all the weapons he could hope for. With that OL, Lamb as a #1 option, Tyrell Williams, Renfrow in the slot, Waller at TE, and Jacobs at RB, Las Vegas should have one of the better offenses in the league if Carr can perform like a quality starting QB.

1.13 SF - Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina
I don't necessarily think the Niners need to be desperate for a Deforest Buckner replacement, but in this spot the board just lines up perfectly to take a DT. Kinlaw is the best player left on my board and although San Fran already has a talented DL, they certainly could use a player like Kinlaw. With the top 3 WRs all off the board, that leaves SF the freedom to really take BPA and I love the fit for Kinlaw. He would be able to make an impact early while not having the pressure on him to develop right away with all the talent around him. This is a BPA pick that could really keep the gravy train rolling in the bay area.

1.14 JAX via TB - CJ Henderson CB Florida
Time for CB2 to come off the board. The teens are right around the sweet spot for CJ to go and a place like Jacksonville makes a lot of sense. With both Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye gone from the team, there's a large hole that needs to be filled in the secondary for the Jags and Henderson has the talent to help fill those holes. With long arms, great speed, smooth hips, and the ball skills to make plays on the ball, CJ can make an immediate impact in coverage for a team that needs to reload with impact players.

1.15 CLE via DEN - Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma
This is a really tough pick for me, because nothing they can take here is particularly great value. I considered taking Denzel Mims just because I think he offers something a bit different to that WR room. I also considered safety here but with Karl Joseph, Andrew Sendejo, and Sheldrick Redwine already in house I just wasn't sure if addressing it with their first pick was the right move. At the end of the day I went with Murray because when I talked to Browns fans it seemed like LB was the other big need. I'm personally not a Takitaki fan but I'm a big Mack Wilson fan. With Mack having the main coverage responsibilities at the 2nd level, Murray can be allowed to do what he does best on passing downs and blitz the QB and make plays happen underneath. Murray can be slot into a starting spot immediately for Cleveland and make a terrifyingly athletic LB duo with Mack for years to come.

1.16 ATL - Kristian Fulton CB LSU
I know many might consider this pick a reach, but I believe that this is around the right value for Kristian Fulton. Fulton is still a talented corner with good, patient footwork and smooth hips. Fulton proved that he has the long speed to compete on the outside at the combine with a 4.46 40 yard dash. Fulton doesn't have great length, but he's got the athletic traits to still be a quality corner, and he gave many of the SEC's best WRs a ton of trouble as a CB. With the loss of Desmond Trufant, corner is solidified as the top need for the Falcons, and a player like Fulton will help in plugging up that hole on their roster.

1.17 DAL - K'Lavon Chaisson EDGE LSU
Another LSU Tiger comes off the board in the teens, the Cowboys have a number of options to consider here at 17. Even though a few corners are off the board, guys like Jeff Gladney, Trevon Diggs, AJ Terrell, and Jaylon Johnson could be considered in the first round. Safety is an option too with none of them being selected so far. However at this spot I went with a pass rusher since it's become a sneaky important need following the departure of Robert Quinn. Chaisson has the burst and hand usage to develop into a dynamite pass rusher on Demarcus Lawrence's opposite side. K'Lavon also has the discipline and strength to hold up as a stout run defender on the edge. Chaisson doesn't wow with amazing size or arm length, but he's got the necessary package of traits to be a quality DE in the NFL. He also had the honor of wearing the #18 for LSU this season, so his character and work ethic will not be questioned in the NFL either. After Chase Young if I had to bet on any other EDGE in this draft class being a successful pro, it would be K'Lavon Chaisson.

Trade: BAL receives 1.18. MIA receives 1.28, 2.55, 4.129, & 2021 3rd
1.18 BAL via MIA from PIT - Patrick Queen LB LSU
Well look at this, 3 LSU Tigers get selected in a row here in the middle of the first round. I think a trade up makes sense from Baltimore's perspective since they actually have a good amount of picks to work with and not a lot of holes on their roster. After trading away a couple 2nds to get Tua, Miami is able to recoup a 2nd round pick and move up 40 spots on day 3. The weakest spot on the Ravens team is at LB. They lost CJ Mosley to free agency in 2019, traded away Kenny Young to LA for Marcus Peters in-season, and lost Patrick Onwuasor in free agency this year. These departures leave a talent gap that needs to be filled, and with Isaiah Simmons and Kenneth Murray already off the board, Queen is clearly the best LB on the board and there's a significant gap between Queen and the rest of the LBs on the board. With a fairly desperate need and a big talent drop off, it makes sense for Baltimore to be aggressive in trading up for Patrick in their contending window.

1.19 LV via CHI - Jeff Gladney CB TCU
This is another easy pick for me to make. Gladney is my CB4 and final CB with a first round grade. Jeff brings the competitiveness that Jon Gruden absolutely loves, with ball skills and athleticism that should help him be a quality corner on the opposite side of Trayvon Mullen. Other than WR, CB is the biggest need for the Raiders but with the pair of Big 12 playmakers that I've taken for them in the 1st round, their roster rounds out really well and should be a tough team to play in a very competitive AFC West.

1.20 JAX via LAR - AJ Epenesa EDGE Iowa
I know AJ isn't the most popular prospect after a pretty disappointing combine, but I still think there's a lot of talent there to work with, and over the past couple seasons of Big 10 play we've seen how good Epenesa can be. With Yannick Ngakoue wanting out of Jacksonville despite receiving the franchise tag (we'll get to this later), The Jags will need a new running mate for Josh Allen with Calais Campbell also out of town. AJ Epenesa still flashes a lot of burst, flexibility, and hand usage off the edge despite the pedestrian combine numbers. On a defense where he can still make an impact but not have the pressure of being the #1 pass rusher, Epenesa and Allen could form to make a formidable pass rush duo on the outside for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

1.21 PHI - Justin Jefferson WR LSU
Justin Jefferson is actually my WR5 on my board, however I feel like the fit in Philadelphia is too perfect to pass up. Jefferson's combination of hands, athleticism, route running, and ball skills should fit very well to Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson, and that Eagles offense. With how much Pederson likes to keep defenses off balance with the quick game and RPOs, Justin should transition seamlessly into that offense and be an immediate contributor whether he's in the slot or out wide. Overall not only does Philly need athleticism at WR, but they also need reliability and with the receivers left on the board, no one is as reliable as Justin Jefferson.

1.22 MIN via BUF - Denzel Mims WR Baylor
And now here we are getting to my WR4. Mims has the traits you want out of an outside receiver wit his size, catch radius, and athleticism. His combine and senior bowl proved that he can run any route you want him to, and that he can also win against press and physical coverage. While this is somewhat a Stefon Diggs replacement, they are different body types and do some different things. What will be present from day 1 is the type of receiving threat that Mims can be, he'll win with his size and speed on intermediate and deep routes from day 1 and I think he'll be the product of some favorable coverages with teams worrying more about Adam Thielen. Minnesota needs to make some key picks for the talent they lost in the offseason, and I believe that Mims is a high upside pick that can help that offense keep on chugging even in Diggs' absence.

Trade: IND receives 1.23. NE receives 2.34, 4.122, & 2021 2nd
1.23 IND via NE - Justin Herbert QB Oregon
Finally we're seeing some QBs come off the board after the Chargers passed on Herbert at 6. I personally see Indianapolis as a much preferable spot for Justin's development compared to the Chargers. The main reason I believe this is for a couple reasons. 1. Having Jacoby Brissett and Philip Rivers would be really good for Herbert, as I feel like they have a less likely chance to force Justin into starting than Tyrod Taylor, who failed to Baker Mayfield off the bench in Cleveland. 2. Most of all though, I have more trust in Indy's OL compared to LA's. With Anthony Costanzo back after contemplating retirement, Quenton Nelson as one of the best young OGs in the NFL, and other solid starters on the OL, Justin will having comfort in his OL much more similar to his Oregon days than anything he could dream of for the Chargers. Having a target like TY Hilton and an all-around RB like Marlon Mack for the future as weapons doesn't hurt either. With Brissett and Rivers both on 1 year deals, Herbert can then take over the starting job after a year learning the offense and learning from 2 veteran QBs.

1.24 New Orleans - Jordan Love QB Utah State
Similar deal here at 24 with New Orleans. The Saints have a very limited number of holes on their roster and with Drew Brees getting older and older, this is the perfect spot for Jordan Love to develop. With coaches like Sean Payton and Pete Charmichael, a veteran HOF QB in Brees, a very good and young OL, and young weapons like Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, Love is in a prime position to grow his first year or two and then thrive as Brees' successor. I really feel like NOLA is the best possible place for Love to end up and I think the Saints could be able to keep the good times rolling after Drew with Jordan at the helm.

1.25 MIN - AJ Terrell CB Clemson
I actually have Trevon Diggs slightly above AJ Terrell in my CB rankings, however I think AJ is the better fit in Minnesota. Diggs is very raw since he's only been playing CB for a few years, and I feel like the Vikings need a corner who will offer better play in year 1 because of how many CBs they need and because the Vikings probably still fancy themselves as playoff contenders. Terrell offers versatility in coverage, great athleticism/speed, and great length as a boundary corner. I don't think AJ offers a ton in the way of playmaking like someone like Trevon Diggs does, but AJ is still a very solid CB prospect who should be considered here in the late 1st round.

1.26 MIA via HOU - Josh Jones OT Houston
I would love to take Lucas Niang at this spot, but I just can't bring myself to take not 1, but 2 players with serious hip injuries for a single team. Instead I'm going with the senior bowl standout in Josh Jones. I wasn't in love with Jones' feet or hand placement on his college tape, but he could absolutely rock any pass rusher on a punch with his heavy hands and he certainly has the athleticism to play tackle in the NFL. Even as someone who didn't love his Houston tape, even I have to admit he was fantastic down in Mobile and that performance has me more comfortable with the prospect of taking him in the 1st round, I just wouldn't do it in the early or middle parts of round 1. Other than QB though, OT is the biggest need for the Fins. With a QB like Tua who does his best work in the pocket and has had the injury problems he's had, you need to build a strong OL to keep him upright and Jones has the potential to be a rock at either tackle spot for Tua for a long time.

1.27 SEA - Lucas Niang OT TCU
Trust me, this late 1st round Seattle pick from TCU has much better film than the late 1st round Seattle pick from TCU in 2019. Niang had a hip injury that cost him the 2nd half of his senior season, but his 2018 tape is some of the best tackle tape of anyone in this class. Niang has nimble feet, strong hands, great length, and good athleticism when healthy to be a pass protector in the NFL. He's also a very powerful run blocker who has strength and athleticism in his arsenal. Seattle has needed to address their OL for a while now, while they did that a couple of years ago by trading for Duane Brown, Brown is getting older and they haven't done a ton outside of that. Now all of a sudden the Seahawks have a nice mix of vets and young guys on the O-line to help Seattle and Russel Wilson in their playoff contention.

1.28 MIA via BAL - Grant Delpit S LSU
I know that Delpit is an extremely polarizing prospect and has many detractors, but I still think Grant is the beset safety in this class and for me he still has a 1st round grade. I actually think this is a tad bit late for Delpit, however there just isn't a great spot for him above this where he fits better than the other prospects taken. Combine that with the fact that it's a deep safety class and now you can see why Delpit has fallen a bit. While his 2019 left something to be desired, Delpit's 2018 tape is still incredible and needs to be taken into account when evaluating him. His size, range, instincts, and playmaking are exactly what you want for a safety who can play in a number of roles. For Miami, after addressing their 2 biggest needs in QB and OT, I feel like they can just start taking BPA and at this spot in the draft, Grant Delpit is just about BPA for me.

1.29 TEN - Justin Madubuike DT Texas A&M
My surprise DT2 makes an appearance in the first round! I'm not really sure why the Titans traded away Jurrell Casey for a mere 7th round pick, but there's a definite hole in his absence that I feel Madubuike can fill. The reason that I have Justin rated higher over Derrick Brown is simply because I think Madubuike can offer more pass rush than Brown. Justin has fantastic burst to combine with hand usage and a good frame for an interior pass rusher. With 22 TFLs and 10.5 sacks the past 2 years as a DT for the SEC TAMU Aggies, Madubuike is a proven disruptor that will help replace some of the production lost from Casey.

1.30 GB - Brandon Aiyuk WR Arizona State
Once again an Arizona State WR finds himself in the back end of the 1st round. Aiyuk is a dynamite athlete as seen by his combine testing, who flashes a good ability to create separation in his routes and has a great ability to create with the ball in his hands. With so much attention going towards Davante Adams, Aiyuk should get plenty of chances to wreak havoc with the ball in his hands like he did in the desert in 2019. Aaron Rodgers needs more weapons on offense outside of Adams and Aaron Jones and Aiyuk should provide precisely the playmaking the Packers need.

Trade: DET receives 1.31. SF receives 2.39, 3.67, & 3.85
1.31 DET via SF - Yetur Gross-Matos EDGE Penn State
With all the extra draft capital that the Lions picked up from trading back with Miami, it allows them the freedom to jump back in the first round to a team that really need to trade out of 31 and get some more draft picks. With no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick, San Fran trades back to 39 and gets an early 3rd and early 5th for their troubles. Even though Detroit gave up those picks, they still have plenty of good assets. Outside of corner, Detroit's next biggest need is probably at pass rusher. The Lions defense was pretty poor overall, and Trey Flowers needs a solid running mate opposite his side on the DL. YGM lacks a lot of consistency, especially against the best competition he faced, but he has all the traits you look for in a 1st round pass rusher. The Penn State product has length, explosiveness, and strength that you want out of a DE, and he doesn't have bad bend either. He needs to work on his hands and his plan as a pass rusher, but those were areas that he improved on a little bit last season. If he continues to improve in those areas, he could become a young cornerstone for a defensive revival in Detroit.

Trade: CAR receives 1.32. KC receives 2.38, 3.69, & 2021 3rd
1.32 CAR via KC - Derrick Brown DT Auburn
It's okay Derrick Brown fans, I still have the big Auburn man going in the first round. Carolina needs help in the trenches so with someone like Brown still on the board, it makes sense just to go up and get him before anyone else can. I think Derrick has some serious limitations in terms of his upside as a pass rusher, but he should still be a damn good run defender and with his size he'll be able to always make an impact in the NFL. Kansas City shouldn't feel any desperation at 32, and being able to get a couple of 3s to move down a handful of spots is fine business for a team that doesn't really have a prospect staring them in the face that they have to take at 32. I think this is a sensible deal for both sides.

2.33 CIN - Lloyd Cushenberry IOL LSU
2.34 NE via IND from WAS - Laviska Shenault WR Colorado
2.35 DET - Cesar Ruiz IOL Michigan
Trade: JAX receives 2.36. NYG receives Yannick Ngakoue
2.36 JAX via NYG - Xavier McKinney S Alabama
2.37 LAC - Jalen Reagor WR TCU
2.38 KC via CAR - Jaylon Johnson CB Utah
2.39 SF via DET from MIA - Bryan Edwards WR South Carolina
2.40 HOU via ARI - Terrell Lewis EDGE Alabama
Trade: WAS receives 2.41. CLE receives Trent Williams
2.41 WAS via CLE - Austin Jackson OT USC
2.42 JAX - Jacob Eason QB Washington
2.43 CHI via LV - Trevon Diggs CB Alabama
2.44 IND - Michael Pittman Jr WR USC
2.45 TB - D'Andre Swift RB Georgia
2.46 DEN - Prince Tega Wanogho OT Auburn
Trade: MIN receives 2.47 & 2021 5th. ATL receives 2.58 & 3.105
2.47 MIN via ATL - Matt Peart OT UCONN
2.48 NYJ - Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia
Trade: KC receives 2.49 & 2021 6th. PIT receives 2.63 & 3.96
2.49 KC via PIT - JK Dobbins RB The Ohio State
2.50 CHI - Jeremy Chinn S Southern Illinois
2.51 DAL - Bryce Hall CB Virginia
2.52 LAR - Tyler Biadasz IOL Wisconsin
2.53 PHI - Ashtyn Davis S Cal
2.54 BUF - Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin
2.55 MIA via BAL from NE - Cam Akers RB Florida State
2.56 DET via MIA from NO - KJ Hamler WR Penn State
2.57 LAR via HOU - Julian Okwara EDGE Notre Dame
2.58 ATL via MIN - James Lynch DT Baylor
2.59 SEA - Josh Uche EDGE Michigan
2.60 BAL - Zack Baun EDGE Wisconsin
2.61 TEN - Jack Driscoll OT Auburn
2.62 GB - Noah Igbinoghene CB Auburn
2.63 PIT via KC from SF - Neville Gallimore DT Oklahoma
2.64 SEA via KC - Donovan Peoples-Jones WR Michigan

3.65 CIN - Akeem Davis-Gaither LB Appalachian State
3.66 WAS - Adam Trautman TE Dayton
3.67 SF via DET - Ben Bredeson IOL Michigan
3.68 NYJ via NYG - Michael Ojemudia CB Iowa
3.69 KC via CAR - Malik Harrison LB The Ohio State
3.70 MIA - Ezra Cleveland OT Boise State
Trade: DAL receives 3.71. LAC receives 3.82, 5.165, & 5.180
3.71 DAL via LAC - Kyle Dugger S Lenoir-Rhyne
3.72 ARI - Ross Blacklock DT TCU
3.73 JAX - Cameron Clark OT Charlotte
3.74 CLE - Antoine Winfield Jr S Minnesota
3.75 IND - Jonathan Greenard EDGE Florida
3.76 JAX via TB - Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU
3.77 CLE via DEN - Tee Higgins WR Clemson
3.78 ATL - Antonio Gibson RB Memphis
3.79 NYJ - Jabari Zuniga EDGE Florida
3.80 LV - Jalen Hurts QB Oklahoma
3.81 LV via CHI - Troy Dye LB Oregon
3.82 LAC via DAL - Matt Hennessey IOL Temple
3.83 DEN via PIT - Willie Gay Jr LB Mississippi State
3.84 LAR - Zack Moss RB Utah
3.85 SF via DET - Damon Arnette CB The Ohio State
3.86 BUF - Kenny Willekes EDGE Michigan State
3.87 NE - Brycen Hopkins TE Purdue
3.88 NO - Troy Pride CB Notre Dame
3.89 MIN - Cameron Dantzler CB Mississippi State
3.90 HOU - Darnay Holmes CB UCLA
Trade: PHI receives 3.91. LV receives 4.127, 4.145, & 2021 3rd
3.91 PHI via LV from SEA - Reggie Robinson II CB Tulsa
3.92 BAL - Lynn Bowden Jr WR Kentucky
3.93 TEN - Terrell Burgess DB Utah
3.94 GB - Cole Kmet TE Notre Dame
3.95 CLE via DEN from SF - Robert Hunt IOL Louisiana-Lafayette
3.96 PIT via KC - Van Jefferson WR Florida
3.97 CLE via HOU - Darrell taylor EDGE Tennessee
3.98 NE - Jordan Elliot DT Missouri
3.99 NYG - Isaiah Hodgins WR Oregon State
3.100 NE - Curtis Weaver EDGE Boise State
3.101 SEA - Amik Robertson CB Louisiana Tech
3.102 PIT - Hakeem Adeniji OL Kansas
3.103 PHI - Jordyn Brooks LB Texas Tech
3.104 LAR - Logan Wilson LB Wyoming
3.105 ATL via MIN - Markus Bailey LB Purdue
3.106 BAL - Ben Bartch OL St. John's MN
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